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The Story Behind Emma Chamberlain’s Iconic Met Gala Nails


In case you missed it, fashion’s biggest night returned just a few weeks ago on September 13! The highly exclusive and much anticipated Met Gala took place at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. This Met Gala’s theme, which is based on the Costume Institute exhibition, was ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,’ and the co-chairs were the Gen-Z dream team comprised of Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Naomi Osaka, and Amanda Gorman

The iconic red carpet guides some of the biggest names in the world into the museum for the private event. While the Met Gala itself is very exclusive, the red carpet is highly publicized. People flood the streets of New York City to catch a glimpse of their favorite star getting out of their car. Those who can’t make it in person, continuously refresh their social media feeds for a morsel of content from the red carpet. Vogue and its Editor-in-Chief and Chairwoman of the Met Gala, Anna Wintour provide fans with incredible coverage of the stars and their unique wardrobes. This year, Vogue tapped Youtube sensation, Emma Chamberlain, to host their Youtube Channel’s Red Carpet Interviews.

Emma Chamberlain has become every Gen-Z’s fashion inspo these last few years. So, it is no shock that she was invited to make her Met Gala debut this year. As one of the first guests on the red carpet, everyone went crazy over her gorgeous look! Styled by Jared Ellner, Emma wore custom Louis Vuitton. Alongside her beautiful hair and makeup, by Lauren Polko and Kelsey Deenihan respectively, Emma’s standout feature was her showstopping nails! Designed by Mar y Sol, Emma’s nails took on a life of their own. The beautiful design was completed using Valentino Beauty Pure and gold chains. In her ‘Get Ready with Me’ on Vogue’s Youtube Channel and in her own Daily Vlog on her Youtube channel, Emma shared hilarious remarks about her anticipation of having to conduct interviews with her incredible nails. As the nails took center stage, we just had to talk to the woman behind the art, Mar y Sol!

Cliché: What was the process like of designing the nail concept?

Mar y Sol: I was really inspired by the back of her dress. Jared, her stylist, suggested a nude base so that it wouldn’t take away from the gold in the dress. I’m really happy we went with a nude base color. I’m an artist at heart, I always have been and I love just going with the flow as I create. I try to envision hand movements and then create my design based on that. 

Mar y SolI knew that Emma would be working with Vogue and I wanted her nails to look flawless. That means no room for error when applying the chains and also focusing on it looking great from all angles. I used Valentino Beauty Pure: Diamond Gel to adhere the chain. To create that flawless look I hand-painted each design with the diamond gel and carefully applied the chain. However, before beginning any of that I hand-knotted each chain accordingly. I kept her and Jared posted throughout the process by sending photos. As Emma states in her Vogue YouTube video “it was my 5-hour manicure!” – I loved that! But you can only imagine all of the extra hours that went into creating the look behind the scenes. I loved every second of it!

Cliche: I understand you exclusively used Valentino Beauty Pure for her nails. What made you use this product in particular?

Mar y Sol: I recently worked on a shoot with Emma where I used gel from Valentino Beauty Pure on her nails and she absolutely loved their formula. Emma has been getting her nails done for many years. She is definitely a nail enthusiast. She knows the difference in products and appreciates the process of a manicure whether it be gel extensions, acrylic, nail polish, or gel. Inspired by her delicious coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, we went with this beautiful creamy brown color that reminded us of an oat milk mocha latte. 

Valentino Beauty Pure is a nail brand known globally because of its stellar quality but runs locally here in the US. Unlike many nail brands, it’s true to its name and is a family business. I met the owners years ago and I was happy to see that it really is a family-run business!

Mar y Sol“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” was the theme this year. For every Met Gala I do, I always stay true to the theme. Although nails are a small part of the look they are still a part of the look and I take it very seriously. The nail look was inspired by all the loops and turns it takes to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ The journeys Emma and I, and even the family behind Valentino Beauty Pure, have been on to get to where we are today in our careers are indicative of the ‘American Dream.’

Cliché: What was it like seeing your work on full display on the Met Gala carpet?

Mar y Sol: This is my 10th Met Gala and it honestly feels like my first one each time. It is truly a special feeling to see the photos and videos once the madness has settled down. Our job behind the scenes doesn’t really end once our client hits the red carpet. We have to hunker down and do interviews about the look, sanitize, sterilize, and pack up our kits, and sometimes stick around and/or run around from hotel to hotel to get multiple clients ready for the after-parties. But that is what we sign up for and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! It is an amazing feeling to see my work on the Met Gala carpet and not just my work but my fellow glam friends with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside these last 16 years. 

Emma ChamberlainSo much work, sweat, and tears go into creating these looks and it truly is a team effort. We all work together to make these looks come to life on our beautiful clients. From the ateliers and dressmakers sewing perfection into the tiniest of detail to the designers creating these masterpieces which inspire our beauty look. The stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist, and manicurist then collaborate with the talent to create the final look. It’s all a magical stressful exhausting experience but always an honor to be a part of.

Cliché: Her nails were such a focal point of her entire outfit and she talks about them a lot in her Vogue ‘Get Ready with Me’ video. Did it take a lot of convincing to use that length for her?

Mar y Sol: It didn’t take much convincing, I prepped about 12 different mock-up shapes and let her try them on. We both agreed which one would be most impactful and looked the best on her hands. We knew our decision was the right one when Jared, her stylist, said he ‘LOVED THEM!’ 

Cliché: Where can our readers follow you?

Mar y Sol: All of my social handles are @NailsByMarySoul 

Mar y Sol Inzerillo a.k.a Mar y Soul 


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Images provided by Getty Images, @emmachamberlain, and @marysol



Summer Mckeen Talks about Her New Music Community : Keen On


If you have been immersed in the world of Social Media, you may have heard of Summer Mckeen. Summer is an Influencer, Actor, Model, Musician and Business Woman. She has 2.25 Million Subscribers on Youtube and 1.8 Million followers on Instagram. Summer shares with us all about her deep love for music and how it led her to her newest business endeavor.

You started doing YouTube in 2012, nearly 10 years ago, how has your content and YouTube as a whole changed since then? 

It honestly hasn’t changed too much as far as content goes. It’s so cool because you can go back on my channel and watch me grow up, but other than the progression of becoming an adult, I don’t think much has changed! I think I’ve become more comfortable with sharing the failures of life and showing how growth only comes from failure. I’ve kind of gone from the “girl next door” to “the big sister” figure on my channel. I just want to live and grow with my subscribers in a positive way. 

Photo By: Mia McCarthy

Many people around the world look at you as an inspiration. Do you have anyone that inspires you? 

I think where I find my inspiration is constantly changing. I have found inspiration in my peers, my family and through whatever it is I spend my time on outside of YouTube. Inspiration is everywhere! 

One of your newest business endeavors is Keen On, can you share with us what it is all about and what inspired you to start it? 

Music has always been a huge part of my life. Even since I was super little, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t constantly listening to music. I’ve taken piano lessons, voice lessons, had musically talented family friends, gone to as many concerts I can, and even recorded a song that is now on Spotify. I would die if I didn’t have music! Because of my passion for music, I brought it onto my YouTube channel through “music playlist” videos where I share all the songs I listen to. This resonated really well with my followers, which translated to earning over 100k followers on Spotify. I knew I wanted to use my platform for something I was passionate about, and music just made sense. My goal for Keen On is to highlight smaller artists and give them the platform they deserve, bring like-minded, music-loving people together, and introduce people to new sounds. I can’t wait for what’s to come for Keen On… we have plenty of projects in the works. 

Photo By: Mia McCarthy

Who are some of your favorite musical artists? 

My all-time favorite will always be Kevin Parker (aka Tame Impala). His sound is unlike anything I’ve listened to before and my appreciation for his insane talent is through the roof. I’ve been listening to him forever. I also love Mac Demarco so much that I’ve taken every chance I can to see him in concert… I’ve seen him four times now! A few others I love are Her’s, Flume, MGMT, Beck, STRFKR, Beach House, Sure Sure, Kacey Musgraves and SO many more! 

You have worked with brands like Maybelline, Billabong, and Gucci, but how different is working on a community like Keen On, that you created? 

It’s a totally new world for me. Usually, I work with pros on the teams of these huge brands that have been in the business forever and know exactly what they’re doing. But with Keen On, I am supposed to be the pro. I’m so lucky to have a team that helps me with everything, but at the end of the day, everything is ultimately up to me. It’s a huge learning experience with every step we take, but it feels so amazing to know I started something that has infinite potential! 

What’s next for Keen On?

We’re working on a number of things, but nothing that I can say juuuust yet. We have so much planned for Keen On this year that you’ll get to listen to very soon . Cannot wait! Stay tuned, because Keen On has so much coming up! Follow the IG @keenon so you won’t miss a thing! 

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Images Provided By: Mia McCarthy

Mai Pham: Travel, Authenticity, and Her Self-Designed Clothing Brand


Mai Pham was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She began her YouTube channel at 13-years-old, by uploading a video of the contents of her high school volleyball bag. She continued taking her followers through her lifestyle and various beauty transformation, and has grown her channel to over 1.39 million subscribers. Mai is passionate about traveling, going on adventures, and also being an outlet for conversations about real and meaningful issues. Her next big journey is her self-designed fashion brand!

Before youtube, what did your day to day life look like?

I started YouTube when I was 7, so I don’t really remember life before YouTube. But before it became my full time job, I was in high school. So I was just waking up, going to school, playing sports after school, then working on YouTube. Which was editing videos and filming videos.

I would play volleyball after school, and I would bring my camera around. So a lot of my vides on YouTube revolved around that sport. So, it was never really like YouTube became a full time thing all-at-once. YouTube was all around me, and I would always bring my camera around. So it was always involved in my life somehow. I guess the cycle just repeated until I made it my full time job.

You started youtube at the age of 7, what has it been like growing up on camera? Did you have someone who acted as your inspiration? 

I felt really natural growing up on camera just because it was all I had. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends much as a kid, so I was just stuck inside with a computer and my camera. My camera was kind of an outlet to talk to people, because I didn’t have people in real life to talk to.

So, I’ve always been really comfortable on camera. I think that my supporters can see that I’m really genuine when I speak about things, which I love. It’s never felt like a pressure to be someone that I’m not online because of that.

Photo By: Nikii Victoria

What challenges have come with being an Influencer, and how have you stayed authentic to who you are when in the spotlight? 

I would say the challenges with being an “influencer” is that your life is online all the time. Especially with me posting three times a week, and sometimes every single day, it’s kind of hard to filter out what gets put online. Sometimes you post things without even thinking about it, and realizing the consequences it could have. But, I think the way I present myself online is my genuine self. Some of the things I say may not be popular opinions, but people respect that I’m real online. Maybe I don’t have a filter all the time, but it’s being authentic and genuine that I think people really love.

I noticed my supporters like when I’m more vulnerable online, and it’s easier to be vulnerable online than to be a person that you’re not. So, it hasn’t been difficult for me to be authentic online because of that reason. I grew up on camera, so it was never something where I had to force a personality.

You’re known for your transformation or “glow-up” videos. What drew you to begin creating those types of videos? 

I think what drew me into creating those types of videos, is that I would see all these celebrities and influencers post selfies and stuff like that, but you never really see the behind-the-scenes of what they do to look that certain way.

Sometimes it can be misleading to young girls, because they see those pictures without seeing everything that they had to pay for and all the procedures that they had to go through. So, I wanted to create a video where people can see all of the money that goes into it and all of the time that goes into the process of looking this certain way. When you look at it online for a split second, you can see girls and be like ‘oh they look so flawless and effortless, I wish I could look like that’. But you have no idea the amount of effort that they put in to look that way. So, I made those videos for young girls to be able to look at them and realize that not everyone looks that way. There’s a lot that goes into it.

I’m only 18, so I am learning new techniques and everything as well. But I’m just referring back to myself when I was younger, I would always use YouTube as a platform to learn new things because I never had a female figure around me to help me. So, I want to be that outlet that young girls can go to because I used to feel the same as them and I know how they feel.

 Moving out at the age of 15 is quite an accomplishment, but how different is it to be moving into a house in LA with your best friend at the age of 18?

Even though I lived only 5-hours away from my parents when I moved out, I never relied on them to come help me with things. So, I feel like it’s honestly the same. The only difference is the laws.

Whenever I talk to people that move to a different country though, I notice that one of the biggest struggles is that you can’t just road trip to go see your parents. Especially right now with all the restrictions, you can’t just fly them over and you can’t just take a quick flight to go see them. So, I would say one of the most difficult things is realizing that you are out here alone. And if you needed the support from your family, it’s not as easily accessible. But other than that, I would say it’s pretty easy!

Photo By: Nikii Victoria

Traveling has always been a part of your life, whether it’s to Bali or LA. You started traveling the world on your own at the age of 16, What do you love about traveling independently? 

What I love about traveling independently is that you really learn a lot about yourself and what you like. I don’t think people realize that when you travel alone it’s not as lonely as you think it would be. If anything, you just get to do whatever you like without the pressure of having to please others. I know that sometimes when traveling with friends or family, you want to do things but other people don’t want to or your forced into doing things that you don’t want to do. When you’re traveling along, you’re on your own schedule. You’re really just stuck there with yourself, and you have to learn how to overcome obstacles and problems without the help of others. Yes, it can be challenging and difficult at times, but it just helps you in your everyday life.

I think a lot of people see it as such a huge step of ‘Oh, I could never fly to another country!’ Well, you don’t have to do that huge step first. It all starts with little things, such as going to eat at a restaurant by yourself to realize that not everyone’s looking at you and no one actually cares that much. And you do those little steps to reach your big goal, which may be doing a solo travel trip. I think the most important part is having fun by yourself. If you’re just doing things alone it can get lonely, but if you make it a goal to be comfortable in your own skin it will be really good learning curve.

Where has been your favorite place that you have traveled to? 

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is I think pretty obvious if you went and took a look at my channel, but it’s Bali. The reason why I loved it so much is because it’s always been my dream place to go to as a kid. After my 16th birthday I finally decided to take a solo trip there. It was my first solo trip to a whole other continent, so it really has a special place in my heart.

The reason why I love it so much is that the people there are so kind, and their culture is so unique compared to every other place that I’ve ever been to. I feel like it really is a spiritual reset. I’m not sure what it is there. Everyone there loves yoga and really believes in energies. I feel like there’s always so much to do. You can wake up, go to a waterfall, hang out there for hours and hours, and there’s endless amounts of things to explore. So, I never feel like I’m bored. I’ve gone back there about 5 times now and I’ve never felt like it’s gotten old for that reason.

You have worked on many collaborations with Bumble, The Picnic Collective, Reebok, Belief, and more but how different is it to be releasing your self-designed clothing brand? 

What I love about making my own clothing brand is that I had a lot of input into the sourcing of the clothes. It was really cool to see the process of how everything works. When you’re working with other brands, they handle everything and you’re just promoting the product. But with me creating my own clothing brand, I really got to talk to the people – the warehouses that manufacture the clothes, the designs with the graphic designer – and I really got to create my own product that I’m promoting.

So, there’s a lot of backstory to it. I like how I’m gonna be able to explain the whole process of me creating the product, everything that went into it, and the story behind it.

Who has been your biggest fashion inspiration? 

Honestly, I wouldn’t say there’s one particular person that I look up to. Obviously, I’m on social media all the time so I see all these trends coming in and out when it comes to clothing, and I try to be on top of them. Other than that, I would say my core when it comes to my fashion inspiration is street wear. That’ll always be what it is, just because I grew up loving that. By that I mean: sneakers. A lot of my clothes revolve around what shoes I’m gonna wear. It doesn’t even have to be sneakers, it can be heels. I just love shoes, and street wear.   

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Photos Provided by: Nikii Victoria

Ava Jules : Youtube, Fashion Design, and Hawaii Life


Ava Jules is a 20-year-old lifestyle and beauty Youtuber based in O’ahu, Hawaii. She is an advocate for Environmental and Oceanic Preservation, as well as Body Positivity. Ava has 1.3-Million subscribers on Youtube and over 100-Million views on her main Youtube Channel alone. She has balanced College classes, launching a jewelry line, and designing her own sustainable fashion brand. 

What was it like growing up in Hawaii? 

Growing up in Hawai’i was filled with beach days, island fun, and lots of good memories. I definitely feel very connected to the ocean and nature because I grew up learning to love and care for it.

You began your Youtube Channel in 2013 in an effort to show your love for Justin Bieber. How has your content evolved and what are some of your favorite videos to create? 

 Unfortunately I do not make Bieber fan videos anymore. My content now is very much a representation of what my life currently is like, so it’s bound to change as I change as a person! I love creating vlogs that bring people along into my life and tell a story. Lately, my favorite videos to make have been a new series on my channel called “Home in Hawaii”. 

What is something that you enjoy about creating content whether it’s on Youtube, TikTok, or Instagram?

I love seeing the comparison between the raw videos and the final edited version of the videos I create for YouTube. It’s absolutely hilarious to me that I’ll sometimes have more than two hours of footage, then end up with a seventeen minute video.

You act as a role model to many by using your voice to shine a light on body positivity and environmental preservation. Do you have any role models, or someone who acts as an inspiration to you?

I’m really inspired by Blake Lively because she’s spoken up about issues she cares about in a very informative and empowering way. It inspires me to use my voice and platform to do the same. 

Photo by: Sienna Morales

 What is a piece of advice you would give to someone about body confidence?

Speak to yourself the way you would speak to a dear friend.

Fashion has always been a part of your life, and now you are launching your own sustainably-designed fashion collection. Can you share a little bit about what the creative process was like? 

Everything starts with a “vision”, as dramatic as that sounds. I love coming up with designs and (very roughly) sketching them on my iPad is probably my favorite part. It’s a long process to create clothing, with a lot of back and forth and re-designing, but to see the final product is well worth it. 


Being a college student, content creator, and fashion designer, what does the average day in your life look like?

No day is really the same because there’s always different things that need to be done and things tend to pop up out of the blue. BUT, I do have a steady morning routine that I do pretty much daily. I start off by waking up, drinking water, and I’ll either workout or take my puppy for a walk. Then I’ll have some breakfast, shower, do my skincare, and get ready for the day. After that, it’s really unpredictable.

Photo by: Sienna Morales

You met your best friend, Hannah Meloche, through the Youtube Community. She is now in Hawaii and you guys just collaborated to create the “Ava x Starlite Village” jewelry collection. What was it like working with your best friend? How did the idea of the Jewelry collaboration come about? 

Working together to create something that represents a piece of our friendship was so much fun. The best part was probably launch day, and seeing the little dots pop up on the world map of where in the world people were on the site. The idea to do a jewelry collaboration randomly happened when we were in LA together in February of 2020. Hannah and I were chatting and she looked at me and went “We should do a collection together.” 


What can we expect to see from you in the future? What are some goals that you have? 

Oh man.. who knows? Between you and me, I don’t think too far into the future because it’s so unpredictable and gets me kind of anxious. However, I think the future will bring a lot of changes in my life and my career online since I still am so young and have lots of life ahead. One of my biggest goals is to create something that is bigger than myself and helps/inspires others.


Where can we follow you? 

 You can find me on almost every social media site if you search up my name, Ava Jules

Youtube Main ChannelYoutube Vlog Channel |Instagram| Tik Tok |Twitter|Snapchat|Facebook

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Images Provided by: Sienna Morales

Comedian Daralyn Kelleher Turns to Woodworking to Cope with Quarantine Boredom


Like too many of us during the pandemic, Daralyn Kelleher found herself furloughed from her job and suddenly with a mountain of time on her hands. Thankfully, her disorganized apartment helped illuminate a new pathway for her and she soon launched an organizing and amateur woodworking channel on YouTube. When things return to normal, she hopes to travel, but for now she will content herself with journeying towards a fully furnished apartment. Check out Daralyn on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Cliché: What is it about acting and comedy that appeals to you?

Daralyn Kelleher: Well, I suppose my answers to each are different. I like comedy because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an excessive need to play. There’s something so incredibly joyous about surprising someone and making them laugh. Honestly, life is just boring without it.

When it comes to acting, I like it because a storyline is always going somewhere, which always leads to a new emotional truth for the characters. I feel like a lot of people, myself included at times, live life sort of stuck tolerating things they don’t like or numbing their unpleasant feelings to get through the day, but in a story, that character would do something about what they don’t like, and so a piece of why I’m drawn to acting is to live vicariously.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?

My favorite types of comedians are absurd and often times arrogant in their personas. I really like Zach Galifianakis and loved Ellen DeGeneres’ stand up in 80’s.  

Why did you choose to settle in Los Angeles?

I chose Los Angeles because I had been performing stand up comedy in NYC for a number of years, and I had an almost opportunity to be on a sitcom in LA that ultimately didn’t pan out . However, almost landing that opportunity made me realize how much I wanted to be out west. 

How has coronavirus prompted you to start a new chapter in your life?

Basically when I was furloughed from my job at the beginning of the pandemic, I was suddenly overwhelmed with fear and too much spare time. To both make myself feel like I had purpose and to fill up my schedule, I began making a cleaning and organizing show on YouTube. Turns out you *can* get your apartment to it’s cleanest state after a couple months, and so I then turned the show into a furniture making series, as it was the only way to continue improving my apartment!  

You have a YouTube channel and you decided to devote a series to amateur woodworking. How did you get involved in that hobby?

As mentioned above, I kind of just needed furniture, lol. I had been watching a number of DIY woodworkers, and I very much admired what they were capable of, and I also like that it came with the freedom to customize your pieces to be exactly as you want them to be.

Any pro tips for fellow aspiring woodworkers?

Well, I would just say to keep going even when you get frustrated or feel stuck. Hmmm, maybe that sounded cliché. Perhaps I should also start a bumper sticker writing business.

Where do you hope your passion for woodworking and furniture building will take you?

I hope that it takes me to a fully furnished apartment, haha! In addition, I would like to just continue to get better and better at crafting things. I gain so much freedom and happiness from being creative, and so I just want to keep improving my skills.

You also used to work for a cat rescue, Luxe Paws, prior to the pandemic. Are there any cat-related issues that you wish people had more awareness of?

 Yes, in these cold months of winter, please do check your cars for huddled up cats trying to stay warm near the engine. 

What are your plans for after the pandemic?

After the pandemic, I so badly want to travel! Highest on my list is to go see my family in Boston, but I also desperately want to visit NYC and Paris. One day! 

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Comedian Daralyn Kelleher Turns to Woodworking to Cope with Quarantine Boredom. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Daralyn Kelleher.

A Chat with Mary Kate Wiles – Her Path to Digital Fame


Actress, producer, and creative Mary Kate Wiles is no stranger to digital fame. Over the past decade Wiles has been featured in a number of successful web series. Wiles stared in the groundbreaking Emmy award winning YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (2012), Squaresville (2012), and now Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye (2020). Additionally, Wiles is a member of “Shipwrecked Comedy”, a Los Angeles based comedy production group. And, gifted with a divine voice for storytelling, Wiles produces a Podcast series, Anne of Green Gables, that features the classic tales of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Wiles does it all – but she knows all too well the hustle it takes to make it as an actress. In this interview, she discusses her background in english literature, her beauty routine, what she wishes she knew earlier, and how Quibi quickly failed to follow YouTube as a web series platform.

Q. Which of your characters do you most relate to? Do you take roles where the character is a lot like you, or do you prefer characters that are very different from you?

A. Oh wow. Well, in the past few years I feel like I’ve gotten used to playing characters that are very stylized – characters who have a very distinct voice, or accent, or way of carrying themselves which is very different from mine, and that’s made playing characters that are closer to me – like Artemis in Wayward Guide, who is fairly like me in voice and mannerisms – a lot more uncomfortable in some ways. I’ve found I have to trust myself and my instincts more when I don’t have a super character-y character to hide behind. But as far as which of my characters I relate to most, probably Zelda from Squaresville. She’s a teen and she just so desperately wants to get out of her town and do something big with her life, and that was very much me when I was a teen as well. She also holds everyone around her to an impossibly high standard, and I am kind of guilty of that, too. 

Q. How did your formal education at USC prepare you for your acting endeavors? Do you think it is a path more aspiring actors / actresses should consider?

A. I definitely wouldn’t change it – my time at USC was invaluable just in terms of the growing and learning and practicing my craft (as silly as that sounds) that I did. I do wish I had learned more about the actual business of acting – the day-to-day real life things you experience as an actor. Getting representation, working side jobs, doing taxes – all that. I didn’t really learn any of that in school and I think I would have benefited a lot if I had been able to learn those things ahead of time rather than spend the first few years of my career figuring them out on my own. But I think college is hugely important and I am glad I went to USC – I had a blast and I made connections with other alumni and professors that will last a lifetime. And I also studied English Literature and in a lot of ways I think that helped me become a better actor just as much as acting classes did. 

Q. Is there something that you know now that you wish you knew earlier in your acting career?

A. A lot of things, haha. Like I hinted at before, I wish someone had walked me through the whole process with agents and managers. I’m so, so happy with my agent now, but I spent a lot of time with agents who weren’t really doing anything for me and I didn’t realize that I could demand better from them. I wish I had had that confidence.

Q. Who has been the biggest motivator of your acting career?

A. This is sooooo cheesy, but…me. You can’t keep doing this career if you don’t get up every single day and want it. And there have been a lot of times for me that were really, really difficult. But at the end of the day, I keep going, because there’s nothing else I want to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of support around me and I’m so thankful. My dad is a creative soul and I think he’s proud of me for embarking on this as a career. My mom took a little more time to warm up to the idea, but now she’s very supportive. And for the past (nearly) seven years my partner Sean has supported me and I have supported him, and we get a lot of joy out of helping each other succeed. But yeah, when it all comes down to it, it’s up to you. You’re the one who has to want it the most.  

Q. What is your beauty routine? What are the products that you cannot live without?

A. Oooh. Well, I love makeup and I always have. I used to experiment with a ton of looks, but now I’ve kind of settled into a routine. I’m a big fan of L’Oreal True Match foundation.  I love Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer, and I always always always have to fill in my brows with a Rimmel brow pencil, because my hair is naturally blonde and my eyebrows are too. I’m constantly trying out different skin products, but CeraVe moisturizer has been my best friend recently.

As for my beauty routine, if I have to see people I will put on a full face of makeup. I always have – my features are very light and I feel like I disappear without makeup. If I’m in a hurry I whittle it down to just concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip balm. But most days I do the whole thing. It’s also, like, part of my routine – listening to the news while I put makeup on, getting ready for my day. I also do masks a couple times a week and steam my face at home. Trying to use this at-home time during the pandemic to nurture my skin as much as possible!

Q. In your new Podcast, Anne of Green Gables, you read the classic tales of Lucy Maud Montgomery. How did you come up with the idea to start this podcast? 

A. Yeah! Well, this idea was born out of my Patreon – I have a Patreon (and have had for over six years), which is a way that people who like my work can support me as an actor and also become a part of my community. Since I’m not a writer and it’s very hard to creating “acting” work in a vaccuum without other filmmaking artists, it’s been a challenge for me to figure out what sort of thing I can offer as a perk. Musicians can write songs; artists can draw – there’s only so many monologues one can do. So, considering that a lot of the work I’ve done has been based on classic literature – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party – I started to think about that and realized that I could read a book, and bring in other actor friends to read the different characters, and add sound effects, etc. And classic literature is in the public domain so it’s all fair game. My patrons actually voted on Anne of Green Gables – I gave them a few different books to choose from – and I’m so glad they did. It’s been such a fun project and I’ve so enjoyed experiencing the story again in this way. 

Q. The Lizzie Bennet DiariesSquaresville, and Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye have garnered lots of views. How do you think YouTube has evolved as a format for episodic TV?

A. You know, when Quibi was announced it kept being advertised as “quick bites” and this revolutionary way of storytelling, myself and all the digital creators I know just had to roll our eyes because, come on. We’ve been doing this for YEARS. The internet has made our attention spans very short! And I think digital storytellers have found ways of telling some truly compelling narratives over a series of short episodes. That said, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is actually the longest adaptation of Pride & Prejudice ever made at over eight hours long – but told over many, many five minute episodes. I think it’s clear that digital storytelling is having an impact and traditional networks are starting to realize and try and copy this format. My only hope is that they would – instead of trying to do it themselves – start hiring some of these YouTube writers/creators that have been making content in the digital space for the past ten years, because we understand it. We’ve proved it over and over again – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries won an Emmy, for goodness sakes! Felicia Day, like, pioneered webseries with The Guild! And she recently tweeted that Quibi wouldn’t even take a meeting with her. I just thought that was the stupidest thing. Lots of cool and engaging stories are being told via YouTube series and I hope traditional networks – or digital networks like Amazon and Netflix – will take more notice. 

Q. In these different YouTube projects that you have been a part of, how much creative control were you given? Was the creative process fluid or traditional? 

A. I mean, it’s a case by case basis, but I have found that no matter the project, if I have a good relationship with the director/writer/creator, it just inherently becomes collaborative. I took that a step further with Shipwrecked Comedy when I came on as a producer for Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party – and have gone on to produce many projects with them. But even with projects that I wasn’t producing on, like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I think when you’re all in the trenches together creating low-budget narratives, it just can’t help but become collaborative. Or maybe it is for me because I care so much, haha. I may be just an actor, but I want to do everything I can to help make the project the best it can be. And I have wonderful collaborative creator friends who are kind enough to let me chime in every now and again.

Q. You’ve tackled Theater, YouTube series, Podcasts, Production; what would you like to do next? 

A. Oh man. Well, I wouldn’t say no to more steady TV work. And I’ve really loved recording the podcast for Wayward Guide – I’d love to do more VO/audio acting in the future. And Shipwrecked has a lot of big ideas for big budget series – I hope we get to make them someday. 

Q. Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about? Where should we look forward to seeing you?

A. We haven’t announced what it is yet, but Shipwrecked had plans to do another big multi-episode series this year, but of course the pandemic put that on hold. But we’re still planning on crowdfunding in early 2021 and hopefully will be able to shoot and start releasing next year as well. It’ll be a return to our roots in some ways, but also something new and completely different than anything we’ve done before, and I’m very excited about it. Other than that, I’ll be continuing to release Anne of Green Gables episodes for the foreseeable future. And just waiting for the next big adventure! 

Be sure to check out Mary Kate’s Instagram, YouTube, and Webpage to keep up with her ongoing and upcoming projects! 

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5 of the Best Fitness YouTube Channels you Need to Subscribe to!


Today we want to share 5 of the best fitness YouTube channels you need to Subscribe to.  The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up our daily lives; everything from the way we work to the way we shop has had to undergo serious changes in order to keep up with the year that is 2020. The way we exercise is no different. Where before, Planet Fitness and the YMCA where all the rage for getting in those 10,000 steps, we must now become more creative with the way we stay in shape in these crazy times.

With colder weather just around the corner, many forms of outdoor exercise will soon be taking a backseat. Where can we turn when a run outside means a run in snow boots? What is there to do when you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on at-home equipment? Not to worry, because today we would like to tell you about 5 of the best Fitness YouTube channels you need to subscribe to!

1. Holly Dolke

The first Fitness Youtuber we want to discuss is Holly Dolke. Born in the United Kingdom, Dolke has 1.22 million followers on her fitness channel, where she posts weekly upbeat workouts targeting a variety of different areas from arms to abs. Her videos range in length, anywhere from 4 to 30 minutes long, and are perfect for those who want to squeeze a quick workout in between the many activities of daily home life. We personally recommend the Tone Your Arms Workout- No Equipment (QUICK + INTENSE); two weeks of this workout made a noticeable difference that made every second worth it.   

2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga beginners and experts alike can find something to interest them on Adriene Mishler’s channel, Yoga with Adriene. With 8.29 million subscribers, Adriene’s channel has hundreds of videos to try. All of her videos have a theme and focus; whether its back pain, anxiety, balance, insecurity, or a plethora of other areas you want to work on, Adriene’s videos seek to assist people of all ages and experience levels in achieving their yoga goals. This channel is perfect for anyone who wants to try a great yoga class (taught by an experienced instructor) without ever having to leave the house.

 3. POPSUGAR Fitness

Next up is POPSUGAR Fitness, a channel with 5.13 million followers and multiple instructors who upload different videos such as bodyweight, dance, boxing, running, yoga, and core workouts. With the diverse range of videos and instructors, there is something for everyone to try. POPSUGAR Fitness brings the gym to your home, along with recipes and fit or fiction myth-busting videos to encourage a healthier lifestyle. We recommend the 20-Minute STRONG by Zumba Cardio and Full-Body Toning Workout for some quick calorie burning.

voltamax / Pixabay

 4. MadFit

For all the dancers out there, MadFit is the channel for you. When it’s no longer possible to make it to Zumba class, Maddie Lymburner provides quick three-minute dances that accompany today’s popular songs, as well as slightly longer dance parties to get your body moving and your stress evaporating. A personal favorite is the 15-MIN TIKTOK DANCE PARTY WORKOUT- Full Body/No Equipment for anyone who wants a mini dance break in between the stresses of life (to some really trendy new music!).  

 5. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting has been a very popular name throughout quarantine and for good reason. With a whopping 14.6 million followers, Chloe’s workout challenges, in particular her two-week ab challenge, have been making rounds on social media as quarantiners try to attain those signature abs. Her workouts are both intense and effective and cover a wide range of areas from booty to waist, making her channel the place to be for those looking to challenge themselves. Join in on the trend and become one of the many this year to take on the Chloe Ting challenges.

There are hundreds of free Fitness channels on YouTube to explore and it’s never been easier to work out from home. Fitness YouTube channels offer a solution for those who do not want to spend money on expensive at-home equipment and are not comfortable working out at the gym. Now is the perfect time to hop into some workout clothes and try something new! Just because the gyms may not be the place to be, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy and active lifestyle.

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A Conversation with POZ ROZ Creator, Carlton Jordan


The gaps in representation within film and television can take years to be filled. If you want to see your story on the big screen or on television, you have to create that space. This is something POZ ROZ creator, Carlton Jordan felt compelled to do. 

Carlton has made it a priority to unapologetically share stories of marginalized communities. Through comedy, POZ ROZ seeks to have an open conversation about how the Black and Brown LGBTQIAP+ communities are living with HIV & AIDS. While changes are slowly being made in sharing these stories on the big screen and television, there is still so much work to be done. Carlton Jordan wants to be a part of this charge across all platforms—television, film and digital. We caught up with the creative powerhouse to discuss his inspiration behind POZ ROZ, the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more. 


Cliche: What was your initial inspiration behind the creation of POZ ROZ?

Carlton Jordan: POZ ROZ is an idea that came to me back in 2013, but there are a few reasons I decided to finally put the idea into a script in 2018 and shoot the damn thing. One reason was, I was in a situation where I found out someone I was connected with romantically was HIV+. So I took inspiration from the story of how we ultimately did not date but became friends. Secondly, a sign or a confirmation that I need to tell this story happened when I came across an article on blogger xoNecole’s site. It was about a young woman who found out she was HIV positive at a young age and ends up living a wonderful, healthy and happy life with a husband and kids. She is thriving. This is not a story you usually hear around the topic of HIV. Also, as someone who is in the Black LGBTQIAP+ community, the topic of HIV is something that is ever-present but still, scrutinized. I wanted to have a new conversation. 


Tell us about POZ ROZ.

 POZ ROZ is a 13 episode provocative digital series I created that chronicles the life of Rozzlyn Mayweather, a millennial Black woman who finds out she’s HIV+ and how she tries to navigate love, life and lust, while at the same time fighting the stigma associated with her disease. It is a tramedy that goes beyond Roz and her disease as we also learn about her friends and acquaintances’ sexual health. POZ ROZ, which is on YouTube, opens up the secret door to a front-row seat in how young Black millennials discuss their sexual health. This is NOT a PSA. It is a wild and zany ride with a lot of surprise twists and turns in every episode. 

Check out POZ ROZ on Youtube! 

How important was it for you to have a cast and crew of primarily black people?

It was essential for me to give opportunities to people that Hollywood usually ignores and marginalizes. Even when they do hire Black and Brown people they label it as a “diversity hire” for decoration. I also think it is important to work with friends and people in my circle that are hungry and dedicated to the project. It is beyond a great script, but because they support my dreams, and I, in return, support theirs. The best people for the job on POZ ROZ just happened to be majority Black and specifically Black Women. However, it was a very satisfying and rare experience to look around and see everyone from the Investors to the Production Assistants were all mainly Black. It is very rare in Hollywood that there are more than a handful of Black people on a production. I think the cast and crew appreciated the representation. It enhanced the perspective in every department. 

This show is very timely and important, now more than ever. How does the current cultural shift and awakening, brought on by the Black Lives Matter movement, inspire you as a writer?

I love that we are in the middle of a cultural shift/reset because of BLM. The circumstances are horrible with Black deaths from police brutality, but unlike before, the extent of the shift in everyone’s thinking is so massive that this feels like this is THE MOMENT rather than A MOMENT. So, with the sadness and trauma also comes inspiration and change. As a writer, this inspires me because now there is renewed interest in Black stories and Black storytelling. I am cautious because there does seem to be a call for Black stories centered around police brutality and social justice. But not ALL Black stories, like a love story, deal with those things. I hope the change in how Hollywood sees the importance of  Black content results in telling all types of stories. Not just the ones centered on trauma porn or the topic of the day. There is still a lot of work to do and a lot to be seen in how we move forward with this cultural shift. 

The Black LGBTQ+ community is very underrepresented in the media. How important was it for you to unapologetically have open conversations regarding sexuality within the black community?

Sexual health in the Black community is the latest taboo that needs to be tackled. I love the way that creators like Michaela Coel (I May Destroy You) and Numa Perrier (Jezebel) are bringing back these conversations in new, exciting, and interesting ways. I want to be a part of that conversation. We cannot have that conversation without the LGBTQIAP+ Community involved. I do not EVER want to sound like a PSA when writing about these topics. Which is why I feel raw and unapologetic is the only way for people to stop and pay attention. No more kid gloves. You lose an audience as soon as you start preaching to them. I feel like the Black community is ready to embrace conversations about the spectrum of sexuality within our community, because the stories are coming from authentic voices. 

POZ ROZ does a great job of dismantling stigmas around HIV & AIDS. What prompted you to create a character that is HIV positive?

I think the concept of navigating life and love with a stigma like HIV is something that needs to be reexamined. While I feel like the conversation has somewhat advanced in the LGBTQIAP+ community (although still taboo and looked down upon in many circles), the conversation has paused in the cishet world. Many people with HIV have been living healthy and thriving lives. Getting full-blown AIDS is not something you hear about often so the conversation has stopped. When I talk to my Black hetero- friends, they find it surprising that it is still an issue. Meanwhile, with a new generation of millennials and Zoomers coming up, they are not as educated on the disease. However, the numbers show HIV is rising in their age groups. While the conversation now is not HIV being a death sentence, it is something that I feel people are still hesitant to discuss openly and honestly with their friends and partners. I wanted POZ ROZ to be that gateway conversation about sexual health, specifically in the Black community across sexualities and genders. Rozzlyn Mayweather, a corky girl next door, seems to be the perfect entry point. 

What do you hope for viewers to get out of POZ ROZ?Carlton Jordan

My main priority is for viewers to be thrust into this world and to engage in each character’s journey. I want to entertain people and show that there is room for all types of stories to be made. When you watch the series, you will see that it is not a sermon on STDs. The tone is very free-spirited and sometimes absurd. I feel every viewer will get something different. I have received so many messages from fans of POZ ROZ explaining how it has helped them reveal their status to their friends and family. They have also expressed how it educated them on discussing the disease, or even how it just made them laugh. My job is to tell the story so hopefully everyone walks away with a different takeaway. I’d like to hear all about them! 

What’s next for you?

I have several projects coming down the pipeline for sure. I am writing Season 2 of POZ ROZ, of course. We are in development with a major cable network on a one-hour dramedy that I can hopefully reveal soon. Along with scripted projects, I am also an unscripted producer. Be on the lookout for my new show “Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn” on Facebook Watch. I have several unscripted projects in development. I am excited about the future, and hopefully, y’all can continue to follow my journey. Thank you! 

POZ ROZ highlights a story that is rarely told. AIDS & HIV have disproportionately affected Black Americans for years. Hollywood has only recently begun to pull back the layers of the associated stigmas of LGBTQ communities and individuals living with AIDS & HIV. The story of Rozzlyn Mayweather is not a PSA on AIDS and HIV. Rather, it is about the importance of reclaiming your power in love and in life. It’s clear that Carlton Jordan is using his power to create dynamic and expansive spaces in the world of entertainment. 

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YouTuber Not Even Emily Opens Up About Identity and Balancing Social Media with Career

Not Even Emily has expanded her hilarity far beyond her Vine roots, building a loyal YouTube following of over 300k subscribers. While working hard on growing her channel, Emily is just as intent on pursuing a career in nursing and often has to juggle video creation with (crying over) exams. She takes great pride in being an Asian American creator and strives to make her content as inclusive of as many identities as possible. Her ultimate goal is to make a name for herself in film and television to be able to tell rich, complex narratives that resonate with marginalized folks. Follow Emily on Instagram and Twitter!
Cliché: What was your motivation behind starting a YouTube channel?

Ever since I was young I wanted to be an actress, or at least involved with TV/film in some way. I feel like youtube was my way of trying to fuel that passion of mine without completely pursuing it as a career, because I was afraid of disappointing my parents (just asian things <3). I am still in college for healthcare, but I don’t have to give up my passion for acting and writing completely because I have my youtube channel! I just love to create and entertain people. Although it seems cliche to say, I do believe it is what I was born to do.

In addition to growing your social media platforms and expanding your content, you also work in healthcare! How do you balance the two? 

During the school year I am typically busy with studying, stressing out, crying in the library, etc; so during my breaks I film a bunch of videos at once (usually 10-15) and I will schedule those videos to be released throughout the year when I am at school. So essentially I film in bulk to make time for my nursing studies during the semester! 

Has COVID changed how you perceive your profession?

I feel that I have always perceived the profession of nursing to be a vital part of healthcare, I feel that the COVID situation has only emphasized that point. I do take care of COVID positive patients, so sometimes I get a bit worried about being exposed and then exposing others. I haven’t experienced anything like this pandemic in my lifetime, so sometimes it can feel overwhelming. When I’m at work, I just try not to think about it too much and focus on taking care of my patients and taking the right precautions when necessary. 

YouTube is a very white, male dominated space. What does it mean to you to have achieved this platform as a creator of color? How can we better support creators of color?

Having my platform as a creator of color has really meant the world to me. The fact that people find my content entertaining enough to subscribe is so surreal when I think about it too hard. I get messages from other asian individuals saying that seeing my videos has inspired them to make their own, or that seeing me on their screen makes them feel more represented. To be that person for someone is absolutely incredible, because that is something I would have wanted when I was younger. Asian representation (and POC representation in general) means a lot to me, as an aspiring actor and as a social media creator. 

When it comes to supporting creators of color, I think it would be great if YouTube could promote these creators more consistently. I know that they do certain things for black history month and such, but it would be great if we could get these efforts all year round instead. Also, other media outlets could interview or make lists of creators of color for promotion and support. 

You’re very proud of being an Asian American creator. How does your identity influence your creative perspective?

Yes! I am very proud of being an Asian American creator, and I feel that when I write the scripts for my videos I try to be as inclusive as possible towards all orientations, races, and genders. I think that being a minority has increased my awareness of these things, so when I make content I try to keep in mind that I have a diverse audience. I’m very big on diversity and inclusiveness. At the same time I believe that the subject matter of my videos isn’t usually geared around my asianess, but more around things concerning mainstream media and everyday experiences that most people can relate to, no matter their race!

Do you have any advice for other Asian American creators out there?

DON’T GIVE UP! I know it can be really difficult to gain traction on a platform like YouTube, but if you enjoy creating I really think it’s worthwhile to make content even if you don’t think a lot of people are watching. It feels good just to make something! Also, never post anything that you don’t think is funny, or that you don’t like. I know some creators make content that will get them the most views despite quality, which is completely valid, but something I care about a lot is making content that I am proud of, even if it doesn’t get as many views. 

Why do you eventually want to switch over to film and TV?

As I mentioned before, I do feel like entertaining is something that I was born to do. Nursing is a wonderful and fulfilling profession and I definitely enjoy it, but deep down I know that my heart is always going to be pulled towards creating. I want to be able to give more asian representation in mainstream media and tell stories that inspire people and make them feel something. I used to think that being successful in entertainment was impossible for me, but with my YouTube channel growing and the increasing asian representation in Hollywood, I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t give up on that dream! One of my greatest concerns in life is wondering, “what if?” or wasting my potential. 

Who are your role models in the industry? Is there anyone you think deserves more recognition?

I am a fan of Alice Wu, she is the director of Saving Face and The Half of It. I’m also a fan of Lulu Wang, the director of The Farewell, and I’m looking forward to her future work! I do believe she is someone who deserves more recognition. Also, Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite and Snowpiercer are amazing pieces of work. Parasite amazed me so much, I was speechless when I first saw it and my heart was soaring! So much talent in one film. 

What kinds of roles would you want to create/play or what kind of narratives would you want to tell?

Quite honestly, I really want to be in at least one movie or TV show in my life, so I am very open to all roles and certainly wouldn’t be picky. If I could pick, I would be more interested in a dramatic role. Comedy comes more naturally to me, but I think that’s why I would want a dramatic role to challenge myself and display some range. I want to tell stories that offer more representation of all demographics that have a lack thereof. Women, LGBT, POC, etc. I want more movies like the Joy Luck Club or Crazy Rich Asians, where the characters are going through conflicts that may resonate with all people. Stories that have Asian characters outside of the stereotypes, emphasizing that minorities can tell complex stories and still move the general audience. 

Are you hoping to alter the media landscape in any way in terms of representation of the Asian American community?

Of course I want to do as much as I can for Asian representation, but I think altering the media landscape would have to be a group effort in addition to my personal endeavors. I think this alteration has already started to occur, with Parasite winning best picture, Crazy Rich Asians being a blockbuster hit, and Shang-Chi soon getting his MCU debut. I think that Hollywood and movie companies are realizing that stories outside of the white perspective are still profitable, and I’m trying my best to support these projects and hopefully one day be participating in one. 

What are you looking forward to over the next few months?

Over the next few months, I am mainly going to be focused on my YouTube channel and my studies as a nurse. I have a job as a nurse extern at the moment, so I will be focusing on taking care of my patients until I take the NCLEX next year and become a registered nurse. I do have an acting opportunity coming up, as well as an acting class I will be taking at my college, which I am super excited for! For me, a summary for the next few months is essentially: YouTube, school/nursing, and hopefully an acting opportunity if everything goes well. 

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YouTuber Not Even Emily Opens Up About Identity and Balancing Social Media with Career. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Not Even Emily.

We The Commas Releases Their Debut Single “SHERRY”


Introducing SoCal band of brothers, We the Commas! The band, composed of Cam Comma, Jordy Comma, and Lenny Comma describe their blend of chill acoustics and soulful vocals as “Surf Alternative R&B.” We the Commas are ready to shake things up with their debut single “Sherry” out today!

When discussing their debut single, We the Commas shared “We wrote the song ‘Sherry’ because we wanted to capture the feeling you get when you feel like you found the perfect romantic partner. Finding your Sherry is just an amazing feeling. Our goal was to create a song that would encompass our full vibe as a band. We really wanted to make something that people from multiple generations could enjoy.” 

About We the Commas


Cam, Jordy and Lenny’s journey began early in their family living room void of cable, singing Motown classics like Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5 on an old school boombox. Playing games like Rock Band led the brothers into music lessons. They switched over from toys to real instruments, which eventually lead to the formation of We the Commas.“This first project is really vulnerable,” says Cam, “and we’re really excited to share our story with everyone and have them connect to our experiences.”

Given their personal mission to break down racial and social constructs, We the Commas are committed to keeping their values at the forefront of everything they do. Lenny adds, “[Being Black] influences our music, because it tells our experiences. There aren’t a ton of people who look like us where we live. This has taught us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We’re trying to do something different that people haven’t seen before… the overarching goal is to let people know that no matter what, don’t let fear or social norms restrict you from doing the things you love.” 


We the Commas are currently in the studio and plan to release content independently through 2020.


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Blake Rose Releases New Single ‘Rest Of Us’


For anyone that has ever been told that your dreams are ‘too big’, Blake Rose wants you to know that no dream is too big. After witnessing a friend give up his dreams of becoming a musician due to the lack of support from his family, Blake Rose was inspired to write an anthem that served as “a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t want you to live your dream” he says. His newest release, “Rest Of Us”, out today, echoes the motivating message to not let anyone dictate your life.

“Rest Of Us” serves as the follow up single to his wildly popular song “Gone” which continues to gain momentum, with over 7 million streams to date! In a showcase of his Buckley-esque vocals, luscious electric-guitar-driven melodies, and knack for writing insanely infectious alternative pop songs, Blake recently released the live rendition of “Gone”. “I try to give listeners an experience,” he reveals.“I take a lot of time with every element to make sure I’m creating a world people can immerse themselves into. Whether the narrative is precise or ambiguous I try to attain a certain level of depth with each song that I hope people can latch onto and let it be as much a part of their own story as it is mine.” 

In just over a year, Australian native Blake Rose, has gone from busking in the streets of Perth to becoming one of the most exciting rising musicians to emerge in 2020. From his debut single, “Hotel Room” to his incredibly successful releases of “Lost” and “Gone” and now with his newest release of “Rest Of Us”,  Blake Rose is paving his own path while becoming a global force in the music industry. 

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Alt-Pop Songtress ALITA Shares New Emotional Single “Too Close”


Alt-Pop songtress ALITA shares new emotional single “Too Close”, but has been ready to take on the world with her genre bending music from a young age. Singing Mariah Carey at age 6, and writing poetry to express herself, she continues to lean into her roots as she makes music. She pulls inspiration from her personal playlists of Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, and The 1975, as she seeks to tell honest stories through her relatable and open lyrics. 

ALITA has released two singles, If I Have To” and “Human Nature”, that explore the complex questions she hopes to create more dialogues for. “Spoken word reminds me that pop music, music in general, is better when it explores questions like: What does it mean to be a certain race? What does it mean to be a woman? Why do we do the things we do? What is really holding me back from saying or doing or being the person I want to be? Literature and poetry and performances all impact my writing because it reminds me to go deeper,” shared ALITA.


She celebrates the release of her new single today, “Too Close”, where she explores her experiences in what she deems a ‘situationship’. This beautiful breakup ballad tells the story of two people figuring out what they mean to one another. Yet ALITA gives us a fresh narrative told from her partner’s perspective to reveal her own anxieties, it’s that moment of fear in a new relationship, when you realize you’re past the point of return,” she shared, and admittedcutting things off is really hard and releasing this song feels like a bookend to that whole situation.” 

Embracing the unconventional elements, ALITA is sure to continue creating unique lyrics and nonchalant, yet intimate tempos that bring us into her world, while helping us reflect on our own. 

Stream her new single today.

Follow ALITA Online:


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