50 Shades of Green: 5 Ways to Lead a More Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle


Today we want to share 5 ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Green is the new black. As climate change rears its ugly head and out of control toxic pollution proliferates, making an effort to preserve natural resources and reduce environmentally harmful practices has become more critical than ever.

While climate change, warming oceans, poisoned wildlife, and resource shortages point to an apparent environmental emergency, it’s not always easy being green. If you’re feeling concerned about whether or not your seemingly minute contributions to environmental sustainability are significant enough to make a difference, you’re not alone. Apprehension surrounding the efficacy of a few small actions is perhaps the most common deterrent to individuals showing some love to mother earth. 

5 Ways to Lead a More Environmentally-Friendly Lifestyle

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

Luckily, the jury is in. Environmental scientists agree that the implementation of even one environmentally-friendly habit per day can lead to substantial change. So, if you’re ready to channel your inner tree-hugger and make an effort to protect the planet, but you’re not sure where to start, check out these ways to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

Opt for used car parts over new

According to Tear-A-Part, a pick and pull in Utah, auto salvage yards are a “sustainable, environmentally-sound solution for junk cars.” Not only are used car parts from pick-and-pulls more cost-effective and more readily available, but they also tend to be significantly more environmentally friendly. Recycling used auto parts decreases the number of auto parts that waste or rust away in junkyards. Since the creation of new auto parts requires mining for resources like steel and involves manufacturing practices that negatively contribute to pollution, opting for used auto parts reduces environmentally hostile processes.

Prioritize energy conservation

Perhaps the easiest way to contribute to significant energy conservation is to be mindful of the electricity you consume. Remind yourself to turn off lights and electronics when you leave the room or the house, and only plugin essential devices. As a result, your environmental footprint and your electricity bill will shrink dramatically. 

Cut back on meat consumption

If you’re a carnivore, the notion of reducing your animal product intake may make you wince. Luckily, a host of delicious plant-based meat replacements have flooded the market. Even skipping red meat a few times per week can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the demand for meat processing practices that cause carbon emissions to skyrocket. 

Reuse and recycle 

By reusing and recycling clothing, containers, cardboard, and other recyclable materials, you can conserve dwindling natural resources. Recycling contributes to reducing pollution generated during the harvesting and processing of natural resources and also helps to diminish quantities of waste sent to landfills. If your area doesn’t offer recycling support, consider starting a compost pile or reusing your materials as much as possible. 

Limit your plastic use

Plastic is everywhere. The most common material for the making of storage and food preservation items, plastic waste pollutes the environment upon being disregarded or incinerated. By swapping plastic products with reusable drinking bottles or stylish canvas totes, you can help keep plastic waste out of oceans and landfills. 

In conclusion

Once you implement these simple but significant eco-friendly tactics, your wallet and the planet will thank you.

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What is the Best IMEI Checker Tool for Your iPhone?


Today we want to share more info on what is the best IMEI checker tool for your iPhone. IMEI number is a mysterious figure stamped in various parts of your phone. Many people are unaware that it helps identify the phones (both smart and basic version).

The secondary purpose of the IMEI number is to prevent theft. As this number is hard-coded to all mobile devices, it is nearly impossible for the thief to change it and expects to use it. 

Here are some of the best IMEI checker tools for your iPhone. 

IMEI checker tool

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels

  • How is an IMEI number helpful for me?

International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Number (IMEI) is a unique 15 digit number. 

This number varies even with the same model. For example, no two iPhone 10 have the same IMEI number, or in that case, no two phones of the same or different models have the same IMEI number.  

It is given during the manufacturing for identification purposes. Even when you change your SIM card, your device can be traced using the IMEI number easily. 

Can anybody use my IMEI number to track me? 

Yes, but not necessarily trace you unless they have your personal identification linked to the number. 

Particularly with prepaid customers, there is no signed contract between them and the wireless network they use. 

Indeed, it becomes difficult for the Government or hackers to trace you as it doesn’t happen to any average citizen. 

  • 4 Best IMEI checker tool for iPhone

You can get full information about your device when you use an IMEI checker tool. Plus, this is essential for second-hand phone buyers to identify whether their phone is unlocked or blacklisted. 

Here are four free IMEI checker tools for your iPhone. 

  • is a website to check your IMEI number. For accessing your phone’s information, you need to provide the 15 digit IMEI number. 

You can notice the IMEI number in your phone box, sim card tray, or dial *#06#. 

The website immediately provides you information about your iPhone and the network. 

Some of the information includes 

  1. Fake or original
  2. The version of your iPhone
  3. Warranty
  4. Purchase Date
  5. Country of manufacturing
  6. Color and Capacity
  • is also an online tool to give you details about your phone. It has an attractive interface. 

You need to enter your IMEI number in the search bar and click the check button to instantly retrieve all the information. 

This website provides you details on

  1. All basic details about your phone
  2. Find my phone status
  3. iCloud status
  4. Blacklist status
  5. Seller information
  6. Network and sim lock check
  7. Unlocking sim lock
  8. Carrier and warranty check. 

You can also unlock your iPhone from this website with just the IMEI number.

  • iPhoneIMEI is similar to the other two IMEI checker tools exclusively for iPhones. You need to provide your mobile’s IMEI number and click the “Start Now” option. 

It gives your phone details within a few seconds. However, you need to pay some amount to retrieve the carrier information and activation lock status. 

After making the payment, you get the sim lock status within 48 hours. 

If your phone is locked, this website whitelists your IMEI in the manufacturer’s database and syncs it with your network, which takes a few hours. During this time, you can use your phone for any normal activities.

Once the whole process is done, you get the email from this website to confirm the completion. Finally, your phone is unlocked using Wifi or mobile data connection. 

  • iUnlocker

iUnlocker is an online IMEI checker tool. Enter your IMEI number to access the wide variety of information about your iPhone.

Technical support, blacklist status, and repairs & service coverage are some of the exclusive details you can get from it.

However, you can retrieve Carrier & sim lock and seller information only after paying a certain amount. Plus, you can request the device unlock. 


Using any one of these sites, you can easily get your phone details. 

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5 Ways to Have fun With Your new iPhone 12


Today we want to share 5 ways to have fun with your new iPhone 12.  It is Fall, which means a few things. One of those things is the launch of the new iPhone – the iPhone 12. The new iPhone is always a coveted item for many people – from athletes, musicals, and movie stars to influencers, “Applephiles,” and everyday people (with enough money to drop on Apple’s annual release).

It always takes a while for individuals to get accustomed to their new phones. From new features, updated interfaces, and different applications – it can take a bit to experience your new phone fully. To help you out, here are five ways you can enjoy your new iPhone.

Calculate Your Friends Height

new iPhone 12One feature of the new iPhone producing headlines is the camera’s ability to calculate the height of people. This new feature is not overly important – as knowing people’s height is not pertinent information unless you are writing a police report or trying to buy someone clothes.

Still, it can add some fun when you are out with friends arguing about how tall of you are. Or if you are out on a first date and their dating bio height seems off. Any way you use it, you can have some fun with this feature.

Bet on Sports

While this feature existed on previous iPhone models, many were unaware you could download mobile applications to bet on sports. The best betting apps on the iPhone allow bettors to bet on dozens of sports from all over the world.

Betting on sports on an iPhone is also great when you are on the go. Whether you forgot to bet on the game before you headed out for the night or you are out watching the game and want to jump into the action live, mobile betting apps on the iPhone are the way to go. This feature is also the only one we list you can use to make money to buy your next iPhone. 

Use People Detection If You Are Visually Impaired 

This feature is designed for blind people or have low vision, but you are welcome to test it out yourself. The new feature “people detection” helps visually impaired people detect people around them to help them navigate the world.

The feature uses augmented reality to detect and relay information to the phone owner. The feature is used in many different scenarios. Some examples include knowing if a seat is empty at the park or on the bus or knowing when to move up when waiting in line.

This feature is one of the biggest positives we have seen from the new iPhone. While the phone may not be without the budget for everyone, lower-priced phones may soon add this in, helping out a significant enough of people.

Enjoy 5G Connectivity

Enjoy 5G Connectivity  Apple’s newest version of the iPhone is the first to come with 5G capabilities. As 5G – even with the controversy and conspiracies around it – is growing in availability, having a phone with access is nearly necessary.  Depending on your provider and where you live will determine if you have access to a 5G network. However, if you can access one, you will have no problems streaming 4k or doing anything else that requires a lightning-fast connection.  If you cannot get 5G yet, do not worry. Everything on your phone will function without connecting to a 5G network.

ADMC / Pixabay

Apple’s newest version of the iPhone is the first to come with 5G capabilities. As 5G – even with the controversy and conspiracies around it – is growing in availability, having a phone with access is nearly necessary.

Depending on your provider and where you live will determine if you have access to a 5G network. However, if you can access one, you will have no problems streaming 4k or doing anything else that requires a lightning-fast connection.  If you cannot get 5G yet, do not worry. Everything on your phone will function without connecting to a 5G network.

Take Nighttime Selfies

While older iPhone models had nighttime mode, the new iPhone added it to their front-facing camera. This addition makes it much easier to send selfies in the dark – whether you are comfortably in bed or out at night.

Honorable Mention: You Get to Go Out and Buy a Plug 

So, this last – we will call it a feature for the sake of this article – is more of a joke or jab than a feature, but we should mention it, nonetheless. The new iPhone does not come with a plug for the charging cable.

Apple claims it did not ship a plug to cut down on packaging. The cord it ships with the phone also requires a USB 3.0, meaning older plugs will not work. If you have an older charging cable, you can use it, but buying a USB 3.0 plug will help charge your phone faster.

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Hot Tech Trends to Expect in 2021


2021 is quickly approaching so today we want to share with you hot tech trends to expect in 2021.  Life moves pretty fast, doesn’t it? One minute you’re setting up your MySpace account, and then your friends have all upped and left to sign up with a brand new social media site called Facebook, of all things.

The development of affordable smartphones has led to the proliferation of apps, while the demand for internet shopping and gaming has led to innovative payment systems and online casino prepaid cards being developed.

tech trends to expect in 2021

chenspec / Pixabay

From a tech perspective, we’ve never had it so good.  Of course, the whole technological landscape can move so quickly. It is not beyond impossible that we’ll be living in some kind of post-apocalyptic wasteland as slaves to our cyborg overlords soon enough – just as grandma was beginning to learn how to work the microwave.

How far will tech evolve in 2021? Making predictions on such matters can be a foolish business – remember in Back to the Future how they anticipated hoverboards to be a thing in 2015, but here are some trends that could impact your personal and business life next year.

Voice-controlled UI to the next level

Many of us by now have some kind of device that enables us to communicate with Siri, asking her for a pasta recipe and then to play a ‘workout mix.’ We then mutter obscenities under our breath when she plays Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ for the umpteenth time.

Familiarity with voice-controlled UI will become even more commonplace, and we can also expect it to become a feature in other tech areas. Some new models of TV sets that are in production are said to be trialing voice UI, which will enable you to turn it on/off, change the channel and alter the volume with a simple voice command.

And how about this for the workplace: voice-controlled keyboards! The days of word processing and crippling RSI could soon be a thing of the past.

The big 5G rollout

tech trends to expect in 2021

lshman000 / Pixabay

Hey, spoiler alert: 5G technology isn’t being used by the Chinese government to spy on you and download your browsing history.  Now we’ve got that cleared up; we can move on and look at all of the positive aspects that 5G will bring to our everyday lives.

The network is faster, more durable, and offers lower latency, which means that you will be able to download movies and music in quicker time and higher definition.

Businesses will be able to scale up too. As we all adapt to the new communication channels that have opened up in this coronavirus world such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the ability to deliver more coherent meetings and presentations – without Karen from accounts barking that ‘I can hear you, but I can’t see you’ into her laptop – will have a positive impact on corporate efficiency.

Baby, you can drive my car

Driverless cars. As a concept, it sounds ridiculous and pretty dangerous but in 2021, there is an anticipated explosion in artificial intelligence-led tech, and the self-driving car may become a reality.  The UK government has already confirmed it is considering allowing some aspects of self-driving cars to be allowed on its roads by the spring of 2021.

tech trends to expect in 2021

falco / Pixabay

But to clarify, you won’t just be sitting in the passenger seat checking your Twitter while your new pride and joy drives you to the shopping mall. The technology being discussed is an ‘automated lane-keeping system’ (ALKS), which keeps the vehicle safely within its lane on the motorway – even around bends in the road.

There are five definitive steps in the introduction of driverless cars, and we are currently on stage two as ALKS tech gets more widely rolled out. Step three – a sort of temporary autopilot where the vehicle drives itself as you take a phone call or open a tube of Pringles – is set to be tested and developed in 2021.

Like Operation the board game, but in real life

Ahead of major surgery, something is comforting and reassuring about the smiling, friendly faces of your doctors and nurses.  So imagine how you’d feel as you make your way into the operating theater only to be greeted by the shiny aluminum of a robot surgeon?

Well, you don’t need to worry about that quite yet. Robot doctors aren’t going to be a thing for a good decade or two. Still, medical professionals will be using more AI-led technology to improve the precision and capabilities of surgery in the near future.

The tech is still in its infancy, and the cost of the robotic equipment remains prohibitive. But in 2021, it is quite possible that more automated surgery will be performed, including some coronary bypass procedures and orthopedic adjustments.

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Handy Advice Before Buying a Used Smartphone


Considering a new phone? Well, why not go for a second hand one? You get the same quality phone at a fraction of the cost and often without the hassle of a contract as you own the phone. Here is what to look out for.

Think About The Features You Want Your Smartphone To Have

You should find out about the features that the model offers you that you are interested in buying. You can conduct an online search to find the specifications of the model you intend to buy. Look for functionalities and features of the phone. This usually includes things like the operating system, touchscreen display, RAM, storage capacity, Wi-Fi connectivity, and camera. You can find a great deal on a used smartphone on the Surplus Database.

Ensure The The Phone Is Not Lost Or Stolen

It is inadvisable to buy a lost or stolen smartphone. Before buying a used phone online, review the complete records of the mobile phone. Check on the IMEI on the phone that will identify the status of the phone and whether it is blacklisted. A blacklisted Smartphone is useless as you won’t be able to activate the phone. Also, read up on testimonials and reviews of both unhappy and happy customers on the site of the seller. You can also call the online provider to ask whether they can assure you that they do not sell lost or stolen phones.

Check For Any Glitches On The Screen Of The Phone

Another important consideration is to check the body and screen-display on the phone. Make sure there are no glitches. In most cases, if a phone has been dropped multiple times by a previous owner, make sure you examine the screen carefully to make sure there are no glitches or physical defects around the body and the screen of the phone.  If you notice any glitches or scratches, you should not be buying the phone.

Ensure That The Battery Life Is Still Good

The battery is an important component of any smartphone. Even though it provides power to a mobile phone, they start to lose their capacity over time and their ability to retain a charge. If the phone is already 1 to 2 years old, the battery capacity will usually be around 80% of what it once was. Make sure the battery still holds power when buying a refurbished or used smartphone.

Ask If The Phone Is Locked Or Unlocked

An unlocked phone is the best option when buying a refurbished or used phone. This type of phone allows you to use your preferred network service. The locked phones may mean that you can only use a specific carrier, which limits you to what service carrier you can use. Make sure that you have asked whether the phone is unlocked or locked to help you save money and time.

Ask About The Warranty

After you have decided on all the important factors that you want in a phone and you find one or more phones that you like, ask the seller to provide you with a warranty that is reasonable. In most cases, resellers and dealers provide 1-year warranties on all refurbished and used phones.

Check On The Return Policy

In addition to a warranty, you should also make sure you understand the return policy of the dealer or reseller. An authorized seller will offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on all types of refurbished or second-hand smartphones. This will mean that if your used mobile phone is not matching up to your expectations or it is giving you problems, you can return the phone to the dealer or seller for a money-back refund or to choose another phone. Make sure that you use the phone in the first 7 days of your purchase to pick up any issues.

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Enter the New Virtual Fashion World


Imagine being present at the most recent New York Fashion Week, watching an exclusive runway show of your favorite Fashion brand in a Virtual Fashion World. You gaze around as the show begins; to your left, Anna Wintour; to your right, Leonardo DiCaprio is having a lively chat with Kanye West. As the models stream down the runway flaunting the latest in technical fabrics and revolutionary designs, a User Interface (UI) pops up. 

“Shearling Wool Jacket – $605,” the UI displays as you use your hands to point to some text at the side that reads “Add to Cart.” After checking out, you take off your Virtual Reality (VR) headset, and you’re back in your bedroom in Tokyo. Just a few days later, you receive a package containing the Shearling Jacket that was worn by the model in the VR Fashion show.

Virtual Reality is one of the most significant technological marvels in today’s revolutionary digital age, and it has certainly caught the eye of the Fashion Industry — especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Fashion brands and conglomerates have already taken measures to adapt to the current state of the world; they are figuring out proper ways to compensate supply chain workers; different groups have proposed changes to the Fashion Week calendar. But, VR stands to be Fashion’s chief player: it is a peek into the proverbial keyhole of what Fashion could look like soon. Enter the new virtual Fashion world. Virtual Reality is here to stay.

Technology is a broad term to use in this scenario, as the Fashion industry has already incorporated it before (runway live streams and online shopping wouldn’t be possible without the internet after all.) A more suitable term to use is Immersive Technology, which doesn’t only include Virtual Reality, but also Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) — all of which fall under the umbrella term, XR

AR is particularly intriguing because it sounds out-of-reach, but is actually already possible to use on modern mobile devices. You may not even have known that you’ve used it before — Snapchat and Instagram Stories incorporate elements of AR when say, superimposing a pair of glasses to a selfie. Fashion brands have also experimented with AR in the same way they have with VR; Zara is one such brand that allowed store visitors to use AR on their phones to see models walking around wearing the brand’s clothes. That is what makes AR a fascinating piece of technology; it doesn’t take you away from reality — it merely builds upon and enhances it.

What separates VR from the plethora of other technologies, however? People often dream about an escape from reality — to be able to be transported elsewhere or even to experience new worlds entirely. Due to the blazing-fast computing power that we have today, VR can offer exactly that. VR makes use of computer technology to generate simulated 3D environments where users can look around, pick up things through the use of haptic feedback controllers, hear binaural audio, and in some cases, even smell and taste. Virtual Reality is the definition of immersion.

Of course, VR wouldn’t be feasible without the state-of-the-art advancements in hardware and software technology. With modern VR devices made by Oculus, HTC, and Valve on the market, it’s easy to overlook its rocky beginnings. 

It turns out, VR was just in a state of slumber, preparing for its inevitable grand resurgence.

The first instance of Virtual Reality being used in history was back in 1956 when Morton Heilig — who was a Cinematographer with a background in the Hollywood Motion Picture industry — invented the Sensorama, a Head-mounted display (HMD) that allowed users to experience a simulation of a city-based environment. Heilig’s goal was to make the Sensorama’s users feel like they were part of a biker movie, à la Marlon Brando in The Wild One. Users were able to ride a motorcycle while hearing the engine, feeling the motor’s vibrations, and smelling the exhaust. As is with concepts ahead of its time, only a few people believed in the technology, and work was later halted when Heilig stopped receiving financial backing. Nonetheless, the Sensorama set off a ripple effect for Virtual Reality. 

The term “Virtual Reality” wasn’t coined until the mid-1980s, when the founder of VPL Research, Jaron Lanier, first developed and sold VR products, such as the DataGlove and Eyephone HMD, to a consumer audience. An audience was certainly needed in the golden age of arcades in the ’90s when the first VR arcade game, Virtuality, was invented by Jonathan Waldern, a Ph.D. graduate from the Loughborough University of Technology. Virtuality convinced people that VR could reach consumers — both in arcades and at their homes.

In 1995, Nintendo — already then one of the most prominent figures in the world — saw an opportunity to break into an untapped home VR market by releasing the Virtual Boy console. The console was also an HMD that featured a unique red stereoscopic 3D display but was, (and still is,) considered a commercial failure. While it sold over 700,000 units worldwide, it wasn’t enough for Nintendo, which was used to legendary sales hits like the GameBoy and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Moreover, the console was as far from Virtual Reality as it could be; it was uncomfortable, and the lack of color graphics at the time broke its immersion. 

Virtual Reality’s technological progress seemed to come to a screeching halt during this period. As far as the tech industry was concerned, it was as good as forgotten. It turns out, VR was just in a state of slumber, preparing for its inevitable grand resurgence.

Image of the Oculus Rift VR headset.

The modern era of VR was ushered in by Oculus founder and designer Palmer Luckey in 2010 when he prototyped the Oculus Rift headset, a VR device. The Rift’s first development kit — funded by a Kickstarter project raising $2 million — was released on March 29, 2013. Catching the eye of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company purchased Oculus the following year for a whopping $2 billion, sparking a new generation for the VR industry. The consumer version of the Oculus Rift was released in 2016, and it was a sign that VR has arrived. Other companies soon followed suit; HTC and Valve have released the Vive and Index respectively; Samsung with their mobile Gear VR headset (in partnership with Oculus.) Recently, Oculus released a follow-up version to the Oculus Rift called the Rift S, and an untethered headset called the Quest

Indeed, consumers nowadays want an experience, to feel things. It is without question that Virtual Reality provides exactly that.

Altogether, these devices have brought upon us unrivaled immersion that is impossible for various sectors of the Fashion industry to ignore. 

Through the use of VR, online shopping might look a lot like Obsess, a Virtual Reality e-commerce store by MIT Computer Science alum, Neha Singh, who strives for change in an otherwise static online-shopping age. Currently, Obsess provides different virtual retail locations that are browsable on the web like a luxury department store or arctic ski-ware cabin — perhaps soon, we can browse Dover Street Market’s Comme des Garcons and Bianca Chandon garments straight from our homes.

This type of VR technology is called WebVR as the experiences can be viewed from a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, where WebVR is already built into the platforms. Tech startup Youcan used that technology in re-creating Dolce & Gabbana’s store in VR, with plans to create virtual shopping spaces similar to Obsess, but with the ability to walk around and feel garments.

VR won’t only be able to impact the shopping experience, but also the in-person runway show, giving people around the world the chance to be present in an otherwise exclusive event. In 2014, Topshop used VR to present its London Fashion Week show at the Tate Modern. Buying that Shearling Wool Jacket straight from the runway sure sounds more realistic nowadays.

A Virtual Fashion World includes Fashion brands, e-commerce shops, and tech startups, all experimenting with VR technology is a step in the right direction, especially when they are all affected with drastic worldwide events like the current pandemic. If a blend of physical and digital through the use of VR really is the future of Fashion, it can not only help maintain businesses in times like these but also introduce a new audience to the industry. Fashion’s growth sounds more exciting than ever.

Increasing advancements in VR technology push the world into a future where having a VR headset might be the norm, espcially for the virtual fashion world . Check out the Oculus Quest: a headset with no wires while still maintaining a high-fidelity image. Or, the Valve Index, the most powerful VR device currently on the market with such a crisp image that the lines between real and virtual are blurred. Indeed, consumers nowadays want an experience, to feel things. It is without question that Virtual Reality provides exactly that.

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Great YouTube Viewing Tips For Better Video Enjoyment


Today we want to share some great YouTube viewing tips that will help you easily learn how to get the most out of YouTube features.  Video content has become the next big thing. 73% of Americans use YouTube, surpassing Facebook by 4%. But for all the time we spend on YouTube, how many people know how to use the site?  Too few. Google has gone out of its way to include convenient shortcuts and useful features — many of which simply make YouTube better.  If you’re like the average American, you visit YouTube every week.  Why not get the best video experience possible? Learn how to better enjoy the latest viral videos with these YouTube viewing tips.

1. Looping YouTube Video

YouTube viewing tips

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Sometimes one viewing just isn’t enough. YouTube doesn’t put the loop feature front and center, but it’s been part of the website for years.  What is a looping video? Simply put, it’s a video that replays itself over and over. This feature is best used with music videos or short ones with plenty to unpack.

On the desktop version of YouTube, head to the video you want to watch again and again. Mouse over the video, right-click, and find the “Loop” tag in the extended menu.  Rather than auto-playing the next video, this one will continue to loop until you head elsewhere or right-click to unselect the “Loop” option.

On the mobile app, it doesn’t make looping as easy. You’ll first want to put the video within a playlist all by itself. While playing the video from your playlist, you’ll find the option to repeat it across the top menu selection.  There are a variety of other ways to replay a video, and we can’t cover them all. Discover different options for setting up a YouTube loop.

2. Create a Queue for Later

Playlists are a fantastic way to keep track of videos you want to watch later or never forget. They’re big folders that hold any videos you desire. But playlists aren’t perfect.  For one, they are a tad bulky to set up, such as having to deal with names and public or private settings. Plus, you can only create a playlist if you’re logged in. This isn’t always an option when you’re on a public computer or at work.

Queue videos instead. It’s as easy as clicking the “Watch” icon while hovering over a video thumbnail. Queuing will automatically add the video to a default “Watch Later” playlist.   Whenever you want, you can click the play button on this playlist to watch your collection of saved videos. Note that if you aren’t logged in, your queue will only exist on the computer you used to create it.

3. Turn on Closed Captioning

YouTube viewing tips

Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

Anytime someone uploads a video to YouTube, they have the choice to enable captions. Google has an algorithm that immediately attempts to transcribe any audio. That said, it’s notoriously inaccurate in most circumstances.  The good news is video creators can also insert a custom-made set of captions, or viewers can volunteer to write the captions after publication.

In either case, captions can sometimes be useful for non-native speakers or videos with poor audio quality. While watching a video, scroll your mouse over it. The time bar will appear, along with a small collection of options.  On the far right of this navigation bar, you’ll see a CC icon if captions are enabled. Click the icon and continue watching the video. Captions should be running.

Want a transcription of the video? That’s an excellent idea for students working on a paper.  To get a transcription of the captions, find the “Likes and Dislikes” bar. To its right, you should notice three horizontal dots. Select this, and you’ll find the option to open and save the transcript.

It’s as simple as that.

4. Bookmark a Video in Progress

Although YouTube is not strictly a social media site, it’s designed around the idea of sharing. That’s why Google makes it easy not only to share videos, but to share specific timestamps within them. You may also want to bookmark or save the timestamps for your own reference.

YouTube viewing tips

irfanahmad / Pixabay

To do so, search under the YouTube video player. In the same row as the video name and view count, search for the share function to the right. Once you select this, the video URL will appear in a small box for an easy copy and paste. It’s here you’ll see an unchecked “Start At” box. By clicking this option, the video URL will change and set a video to start at its current time. You may have to fiddle with the video to find the exact starting timestamp you’re looking for.

Once done, simply copy the URL and share it with your friends and family. You can also enter the URL in your browser and then bookmark the page for later.

5. Change YouTube Video Speed

Regardless of the author’s wishes, every video can be sped up and slowed down. This feature is essential for slow documentaries or fast talkers. You can save your time, improve your comprehension, or just enjoy a quick laugh.

To change the YouTube playback speed, first, select a video. While hovering, the standard settings bar will appear at the bottom. Choose the cogwheel.  In this menu, you’ll find the “Playback Speed” option. When you select it, you’ll have the chance to make speed adjustments by 25% intervals.

There’s no right or wrong here. Change the playback speed around and test the video playback until you find the selection that works best for your preferences.

YouTube Viewing Tips Make Videos Better

Basic YouTube functionality seems good enough until you try out these YouTube viewing tips. With the ability to save and alter videos at your whim, you’ll never go back to the way things used to be.  Want more on the latest entertainment news and tips? You’ll find it across our site.

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How to Protect Your Online Identity


Switching Patterns Of Internet Access And Associated Risks

Following the advent of the smartphone era, people frequently started using local WiFi networks in cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, airports. They can log into their social network or email accounts, they can do online banking or make financial transactions (e.g. shopping). However, this comes with a series of risks, as the safety of these networks is often subpar.

Consequently, sensitive data can be stolen including financial data, identity theft may happen, the webcam or microphone of your device might be hacked and used for recording compromising material. One good solution to minimize these risks and protect your online identity is to use a VPN. You may check a review of a top VPN provider at cyberghost netflix, which will let you understand the typical capabilities of the technology.



Why VPNs Help Protect Your Online Identity

On this site, one can find a description of the key security-related functions of VPNs. The way VPN providers ensure online safety is by establishing encrypted communication channels with the Internet through dedicated VPN servers. This effectively hides the content of the data traffic from any third party

  • hackers,
  • government spying agencies,
  • the ISP.

While establishing a VPN network, you will be assigned the IP address of the VPN server (and hide the physical IP address). Consequently, by manually selecting the country that hosts the VPN server, one will be identified online as an Internet user from the respective country (adding another layer of protection). For more info about the technology, head to, where you can learn basic concepts and the utility of features offered by top VPN providers.

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Spotify Backtracks New Hateful Conduct Policy


After receiving backlash from industry executives such as Kendrick Lamar’s record label, Spotify has officially backtracked their recent hateful conduct policy.

Spotify announced at the beginning of June that the company is dropping the plan to ban artists who engage in hate conduct. However, the company plans to keep the ban against hate content in place. “While we believe our intentions were good, the language was too vague, we created confusion and concern, and didn’t spend enough time getting input from our own team and key partners before sharing our new guidelines,” the company said in a new statement released on their blog in early June.

In May, the Swedish streaming platform introduced a policy for “Hate Content & Hateful Conduct.” The policy permits the removal of hate content or refraining from promotion of such content, defined by the company as “content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics.”

“We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, but we want our editorial decisionswhat we choose to programto reflect our values,” says the online statement on the new policy. As a result of the policy’s initiation, artists XXXTENTACION and R. Kelly faced removal of promotion of their music from the streaming giant. Although R. Kelly’s music does not necessarily entail hateful messages by the rules of the policy, the company chooses not to support the negative behaviors associated with an artist.

While speaking at the Code Conference on Wednesday night, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted Spotify rolled out the policy wrong and “could’ve done a better job.” Moving forward, the company plans to continue collaborations with artists, as well as the music community. In their most recent statement, Spotify says, “We will continue to seek ways to impact the greater good and further the industry we all care so much about. We believe Spotify has an opportunity to help push the broader music community forward through conversation, collaboration, and action. We’re committed to working across the artist and advocacy communities to help achieve that.”


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Spotify Backtracks New Hateful Content Policy: Featured Image Credit: Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images/Spotify

Blockchain Media Firm Acquires Bitcoin Documentary


Blockchain Media Firm Acquires Bitcoin Documentary.  Slate Entertainment Group announced during Cannes film festival that it has agreed to a seven-figure deal on purchasing rights to a documentary all about the blockchain. Slate plans to broadcast the new doc, Beyond Bitcoin, on Binge, its blockchain-based web streaming platform. The platform provides high-definition, high-speed, and low-cost access to media for consumers worldwide, according to its press release.

Blockchain Media Firm Acquires Bitcoin Documentary

“Silver Bitcoin” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Front and center

During this year’s Cannes festival, Slate took centre stage when it came to blockchain and the potential that exists for it to change entertainment as we know it. Slate announced in Cannes that its new partnership with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival will see Sitges incorporate its digital ticket platform Slatix for purchasing both festival passes and individual tickets. The platform is powered by the cryptocurrency SLATE SLX. The press release said that this will be the first time that a film festival has accepted cryptocurrency alongside more conventional payment methods.

Bitcoin is having quite a year, having passed a significant test. After it recovered from a major decline earlier in 2018, many experts went on to advise that the digital currency is here to stay. As such, Bitcoin doesn’t seem to be slowing down on its mission to disrupt industries. One sector where it’s proving successful is the charity sector, particularly in countries where their traditional currency is close to being worthless. United Way and Human Rights Foundation are just two charities that accept bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is also making waves in the online gambling space, with casinos such as 32Red jumping on board. In addition to accepting bitcoin, gamers can click here to see that the casino backs up its diverse payment methods with a wide range of games and a $10 award to new players: two more incentives for gamers to start spending their currency. It appears that making its mark on the film industry is next on bitcoin’s agenda.

Blockchain Media Firm Acquires Bitcoin Documentary

“Bitcoin Wallpaper (2560×1600)” (Public Domain) by PerfectHue

Loyalty benefits

Slatix is a low-cost, blockchain-based tokenised ticket system that provides consumer benefits based on loyalty. The press release claims that both small and medium-sized companies have something to gain from Slatix’s minimal setup and running costs, while the app is designed to simplify DIY ticket redemption and distribution. Based in Los Angeles and Toronto, Slate Entertainment Group has developed multiple media platforms on its blockchain, such as Slatix and Binge. Slate went into resale mode in May of this year, with an end date of June 9th. It passed its soft cap target having raised more than $20 million.

One of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, Hong Kong’s HitBTC, will be including SLX on its exchange. HitBTC will be hosting SLX with trading pairs against Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC). Slate Entertainment Group spoke in its press release about how happy it was to reveal news of the partnership while the resale was active, as it could provide confidence to buyers that they could trade SLX on the open market. The release went on to say that the inclusion in a major exchange will expand SLX’s reach into new markets, as well as increase distribution, post-initial sale.

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Apps Every Millennial Needs to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis


Just about every Millennial that scrolls through their various social media feeds experiences a roller-coaster of emotions when they get a glimpse of the journeys their friends are taking in their lives, whether it’s a glitzy trip through Europe, a dream wedding, or a career milestone. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s easier than ever to watch how the rest of the world is living life. Generally, a greater sense of interconnectedness and global awareness is a really good thing but such a high level of knowing what everyone is actually doing on a daily basis produced an unexpected side effect: the quarter-life crisis.

social media photoThe quarter-life crisis is a phenomenon that began in the last decade with the rise of social media platforms. More and more people between the ages of 20 and 30 are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, and the majority of it stems from watching the accomplishments that friends and family boast on social media. Since no one really turns to Instagram to share a photo of, say, a bad hair day or an embarrassing moment, it’s easy to fall victim to the idea that other people’s lives are pure perfection (or at least, better than ours). Since only highpoints are being shared, people often feel that their lives are not in the right place, and a quarter-life crisis ensues.

Are you feeling the slow burn of a quarter-life crisis? Don’t panic!

We’ve put together a “survival kit” for those who are ready to expand their horizons and battle their early-life blues. These apps are exactly what you need to give yourself a change for the better if you feel like you’re stuck in the same old routine. Maybe your dating life needs a revamp or you have a traveler’s itch you just need to scratch – or maybe you simply haven’t picked up a book in a while and have a thirst for knowledge. If you feel like there’s more to be done in life, why not go for it? Just remember, the key to combating a quarter-life crisis is not to imitate others in pursuit of happiness but rather make your own version of it. Take a look at apps every millennial needs to help sorting out your quarter-life crisis today:

Get up and go somewhere with Skyscanner & Airbnb

traveling the worldTraveling is never a bad thing! If you haven’t explored enough of the world and believe now is as good a time as ever, start looking for tickets and planning your dream vacation right away. Of course, not all of us can afford a ski trip in Aspen or a lux Paris getaway but there are apps out there that will help you make the most of your budget. The hassle of finding a cost-efficient and time-convenient flight can bring down even the strongest of us but Skyscanner cuts out the majority of the work. Obnoxiously expensive ticket prices and poorly-timed flights are a thing of the past: Skyscanner is an online travel aggregator that help you find the right flights, hotels and car hire firms based on your needs and info. Users can book flights based on budget, choice of flight time and even book hotels all from the same app with a few simple clicks. To make it even easier for the weary Millennial, Skyscanner is constantly updating their app with lists of the best hotels in each location, ticket deals and flight times, low cost car rental services and even guides to the best restaurants for a tasty bite no matter where you are.

Now that you have your ticket, you’ll be needing a place to stay. Everyone knows that staying in hotels can be quite costly, and it often deters from the experience of living like a local. Airbnb is the world-renowned hosting app that allows users to open up their homes to travelers, and gives travelers an interesting variety of lodgings depending on their budget and needs. What separates Airbnb from other hotel booking apps is that it allows you to be as creative as you like with your journey. Have a knack for adventure? Rent out a boat in Amsterdam for a few days. For those who want a bit of luxury, you can stay in a duplex apartment in the center of London. If you can’t quite afford that, you can rent out a single room in someone’s home instead. With a huge range of prices and styles of accommodation, finding a place to stay for a week, a month or even a year is incredibly easy with Airbnb, an essential app for the wandering millennial!

Be a social butterfly with Badoo

using Badoo

Work often eats up all of our free time and keeps us too busy to have as many social interactions as we’d like. Whether you aim to meet new faces, casually date or start on your search for “the one”, it’s never easy to find a place to start. That’s where Badoo comes in. Badoo is an online chatting app boasting over 300 million users from around the world who come together to talk, flirt, meet and date. Users sign up on the site and start constructing their profiles by answering questions designed to mix and match personalities, ensuring that you’ll have something in common with the person on the other side of the chat.

As a Badoo user you would essentially get profiles of people with similar interests hand-delivered to your phone, so gone are the days of scouring bars or clubs for a potential date. It’s up to you whether you’d like to swipe left or right to get the conversation going or move onto the next. If you feel like there’s a spark, you can start a chat and get to know them. The possibilities are endless from there.  Badoo is definitely one of those popular apps every millennial needs. It’s a fun way to talk to different characters nearby, meet with someone for a drink, or have a shot at finding your soul mate (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Get in the know with Reddit

expand your knowledge with RedditFor the avid consumer of words, knowledge, pictures and information, Reddit has it all. If you want to really see what’s going on in the world, get a book recommendation, or just read for hours about varying experiences, Reddit is the place to go. As one of the world’s leading social news platform, the entire world is connected through images, current events, scientific breakthroughs, literature and much more than you can possibly imagine. Each category on Reddit holds countless “subreddits” dedicated to the category, leading users to explore the massive database of information held on the site. One popular example is the “Ask Me Anything” thread, a subreddit where celebrities, scientists, web-developers and pretty much any expert of all sorts of fields answer questions users may have in regards to a corresponding topic. Want to know how an astronaut showers in space? There’s a subreddit for that. Need help figuring out what a movie was actually about? There’s a subreddit for that too. There are even subreddits dedicated to helping users from all around the globe with everyday problems such as official paperwork, taxes, university courses, travel and any other subject on your mind. Ask Reddit how to get through your quarter-life crisis – there’s probably a thread for that too!

Good tunes & good vibes

listening to spotifyIf you’re someone who can’t leave the house without your headphones attached and your music on blast, Spotify is another fantastic addition to your quarter-life crisis app vault. Regardless of how you feel or what you’re in the mood to listen to, it’s going to be on Spotify. This app contains a massive database of music from old, new and upcoming artists in any genre from around the world. There’s no end to the type of music you can access, so you can reminisce about a time before your crisis with “Hits of the 90’s”, or you can find new music to listen to on the plane to your next destination. If you’re in a jazzy mood or want to mellow out to a sad violin, you can find it all on Spotify. Videos and podcasts are also regularly available to make sure every user is updated on the best and latest. Exciting features include the ability to create your own playlists and share them with other users, explore new music and custom playlists filled with your favorite genre, and keep things fresh and fun by allowing Spotify to recommend music you might like.

If you’re feeling the rumble of a quarter-life crisis coming on, don’t fret. Rather than wallowing in self-doubt, learn more about apps every millennial needs and make a change instead – you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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Get a Virtual Makeover with Styled by Trendage


We have all wished we could try out the trendy and in-style hairstyles before we make the big change. We have also all wished we could see how our “considerable” online purchases would look before we hit the checkout, but sometimes our fear of the unknown stops us. Will that big cut and bangs actually look cute or should you just leave your hair alone? Do you really think that new pleated denim skirt will look good with your white knee-high socks? Now you can find out for free without ever having to leave your house.


Styled by Trendage is a brand new fashion app that is changing the game for shopping. No more going to the mall to try on the cute shirt you saw online or having to wear clip-on hair pieces before you spend the cash on those highlights you’ve been dying to get. Made for fashion-forward millennials, Styled by Trendage allows you to see various hairstyles and clothing on yourself with a simple selfie.

How the app works

All you have to do is take (or upload) a picture of yourself and let the magical technology of the app do the rest. By scanning your face, the app is able to give you various hairstyle options as well as show you different articles of clothing on yourself from top brands. And don’t worry, you won’t have to upload any awkward body selfies or worry about full-body scans on the app. By entering your personal height and weight information you will be able to see just how you would look with the best styles, which includes featured clothing from retailers and brands such as Nordstroms, Amazon, Topshop, Converse, Rent the Rack and more.

Once you’ve got your picture uploaded, begin searching and swiping to try everything on! Go from blonde, wavy curls to a brunette, choppy bob with the swipe of your finger. You can also earn discounts to your favorite featured stores just by swiping to try things on!

Straight out of a movie

After dealing with the drawbacks of always having to try on clothes at the store, app creator Amanda Young and her team set out to bring their dream to reality. Inspired by the 1995 movie, Clueless, Young wanted to recreate Cher’s magic closet. With the technology available today, she has created an easy to use and fun app that ensures you won’t have to go to the mall just to find out you don’t like anything.

Other benefits

Aside from seeing how great you look without having to go to the salon or out shopping, as well as easily gaining discounts for your favorite brands just by using the app, Styled by Trendage has some really awesome perks. Young hopes this app will help those love who they are by becoming a part of the Body Positivity movement. Her goal with the app’s ability to customize to your own body shape is to help people stop comparing their bodies with others. She wants to move past the “fashion models” and allow people using her app to see what they themselves would look like with the clothes on instead of trying to be inspired by others wearing the brands or look.  

Overall, this app has us head-over-heels in love. With its clever concept and fun designs, you won’t ever want to leave your room to shop–unless it’s time to make that big purchase!

The Styled by Trendage app is free for all iPhone users.

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Get a Virtual Makeover with Styled by Trendage: Featured image and all images courtesy of Trendage