The Characters We Love: Iris West-Allen from ‘The Flash’


Iris West-Allen is an investigative reporter, daughter, wife, and mother, but also a fearless women who is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect her family. She values the truth and makes straight-thinking decisions for Team Flash and her family. Not only is Mrs. West-Allen, an incredible team leader to Team Flash, she is the proud owner of her newspaper, The Central City Citizen. Her willingness to face things calmly without limitations and unbelievable trust in the people makes the reason why we love Iris West-Allen from The Flash.


There is no Flash without Iris, after all she is The Flash’s lighting rod. She literally risked her own life trying to save her husband, Barry Allen, by jumping off a building to save him from a villain. If that isn’t true love, then I don’t know what is. The love in which Iris has for her husband goes above and beyond all DCTV couples making them The Gold Standard. And did I mention, Iris does not have powers and still continues to put her life on the line to help others. She is a superhero without superpowers using her investigate skills and fast thinking as a reporter and team leader to help the people of Central City.


For the last five years, Iris West-Allen has proven that she is not afraid to get into danger and is not just a wife to The Flash, but the leader of the team. Candice Patton performance as Iris West-Allen has gone beyond measures over the last five seasons and she’s truly embraced her character to the fullest, making it her own. I’m glad that this younger generation has the opportunity see this live-action version of Iris West-Allen. It’s a joy to watch Iris West-Allen on my screen every Tuesday because she truly is the heart of The Flash.


The Flash is on Tuesdays at 7p.m. ET on The CW.


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The Characters We Love : Iris West-Allen from The Flash. Featured Image Credit: The CW


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