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What would you do if after sixteen years of life you find out that everything you thought you knew had been a lie? For Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott), that is her reality. Finding Carter, MTV’s knock-out scripted drama, is returning tonight for Season 2. The fast-paced show centers around 16-year-old Carter Stevens as she struggles to adjust to life after finding out she had been abducted as a child.  When we last saw Carter, things were a mess: her biological parents were divorcing, her boyfriend Crash shot her best friend, and, oh yeah, the woman who she thought was her mother, but was actually her kidnapper, drugged her and abducted her. Again.

One may assume that that is as bad as it can get. However, from the season 2 trailer MTV released a couple weeks ago and an exclusive interview show-runner Emily Whitesell did with Entertainment Weekly, it seems that things are going to get worse before they can get better for these characters.

Finding Carter 1

For one, Taylor, Carter’s “goody goody” sister does not seem to be handling the stress well — and who can blame her? First, her boyfriend Max gets shot. Then, after narrowly escaping death, he dumps her in a hospital room. And if that wasn’t enough, just days later her twin sister gets taken. Talk about a bad week. In the preview, we can see Taylor playing beer pong with Champagne before chugging straight from the bottle. What is happening to the studious “I stay home on Friday’s and make croutons” Taylor we all knew and loved?

Whitesell revealed that this season is about answers and emotions. So much happened in the debut season that she wanted to give the character’s — and by extension, the audience — a chance to let it in and feel it all. There are so many questions that I’m hoping season 2 clears up for us. Will Max and Taylor get back together? (They better.) Will Carter forgive Crash? (She better not.)

On top of that, it looks like season 2 will provide us with more answers into the alluded relationship Lori Stevens (Carter’s kidnapper turned Mom) possibly had with Carter’s biological father, David Wilson. In the preview, it’s shown David telling his wife that Carter’s kidnapping had been his fault. Excuse me, what?

Finding Carter 3Whitesell also promises that season 2 will give us a chance to get to know Lori a little better, which I can’t wait for, considering the the most concerning part of the trailer revealed Lori chasing after Carter before telling her that they need to go back for Taylor — because apparently one twin is not enough for this crazy lady.

Need a full refresher of season 1 before the new episode? Check out the season 1 recap now:


Finding Carter returns tonight, March 31st on MTV at 10/9c!

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