Leighton Meester Talks Music and Adam Brody


In a recent interview with InStyle UK, Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester talks music and Adam Brody.

It’s been almost two years since the hit CW show Gossip Girl ended, and Meester, who played Blair Waldrof, has been up to a few things.

For one, she married The O.C. star Adam Brody, who played Seth Cohen on the show, in a secret ceremony in February 2014.

According to E! Online, the actress told InStyle UK, “My values have shifted greatly in terms of what I find important.” She added, “It’s my family, my friends, and having a personal life. Those are the things that need nurturing.”

Meester also mentioned that she’s working on a new folk-pop album.

Regarding a few sad songs on the album, Meester told Noisey, “If you didn’t have pain then you wouldn’t have a record, a movie, or a book, or anything.” She stated, “When I’m writing, I can’t think about how it comes out. I just do what feels right.”

On the topic of her and her husband’s different tastes in music, Meester stated, “I think a lot of people do that.” She added, “But I don’t think that you have to have that same taste in a friendship or relationship–you have to have the same values.”

We at Cliché can’t wait to hear what new songs Meester releases!

(Photos courtesy of E! Online)

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