Turo Skin Acne Spot Treatment Review


Have trouble with acne this summer? Here’s a Turo Skin Acne Spot Treatment review that proves nothing gets through this product!ving a bit of troubl

This past week I’ve been on the Appalachian trail, hiking from Penmar, Pennsylvania to Paris Virginia. For those of you who don’t want to calculate the distance, this was a 74.5 mile hike. This was no beach resort, this hike also highly limited what I could carry with me and of course my day to day skin routine. Turo Skin Acne Spot Treatment was my savior! At only .34 fl oz it allowed me to justify bringing it when there was a 30 lb limit for me on my back. Washing my face with my normal cleaners and masks just wouldn’t be a possibility, however this spot treatment literally saved my skin from breaking out along which with my accumulation of dirt and body odor pretty much helped me feel less beastly. Cool to the skin and moisturizing rather than drying like a lot of other cleaning agents this product really worked. Oddly enough without properly showering for a week I came out of this hike with clearer skin.

There’s a 2% Salicylic acid active ingredient so its powerful stuff. It also contains avocutine which is derived from avocados. Avocados contain some of the healthiest fats on this green Earth, they also help control oil production, which as we know is a factor in acne. Although my skin is prone to huge break outs I can honestly say that I did notice a difference in my skin and if a weeks worth of sweat and grime didn’t get through this product, I’m not sure what will! Thank you Turo Skin for this wonderful and powerful product!

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Photo 1: Courtesy of Turoskin.com

Photo 2: Courtesy of Ana Valentin

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