3 of the Most Over-the-Top Celebrity Weddings


Today we want to share 3 of the most over-the-top celebrity weddings. From sprawling extravagant homes to biting Twitter feuds, “over the top” is a term you associate with many aspects of a lavish celebrity lifestyle. Weddings, a thrilling day in anyone’s life, is the tip of the luxury iceberg. For some celebs, it’s all about the spectacle, with elaborate themed decorations and multiple designer dresses, while others focus on the smaller but equally opulent details, such as striking men’s wedding rings or generous party gifts. Let’s look at some of the most over-the-top celebrity weddings in recent years.

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1.     Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, married Priyanka Chopra, one of India’s highest-paid entertainers in December 2018 in a lavish three-day extravaganza that combined Christian and Hindu traditions. At the Christian ceremony, Priyanka wore a custom Ralph Lauren gown with a 75ft. train while Nick rocked up to the Hindu ceremony on a highly decorated horse carrying a traditional sword.

Some of the most over-the-top features of this colorful wedding were the gifts the groom presented to the bridesmaids: a tray of diamond rings, one for each bridesmaid. These generous gifts were part of the Joota Chupai, a ritual that sees the bride’s closest female friends and family hide the groom’s traditional Indian embroidered shoes called “joota.” To get his shoes back, the groom has to pay the bridesmaids or “sisters.” While Priyanka’s sisters were ready to milk Nick for a fair bit of cash, he shocked them all with his sparkling offering.

The couple included everyone in their multicultural wedding by giving their guests two books: Indian Weddings for Dummies and Western Weddings for Dummies. The books were part of a pile of presents given to each guest, which included towels monogrammed with the couple’s initials and sweet Indian treats.

On the subject of desserts, Chonas, the popular portmanteau of the couple’s names, put other celebrity wedding cakes to shame with their seven-tier, 18ft. tall confection designed to look like a towering gold and ivory palace complete with windows and spiraling columns.

The whole outrageous celebration was topped off with a huge fireworks display, for which Priyanka received a lot of criticism. She had previously taken part in a campaign pleading with Hindus not to set off fireworks or firecrackers at Diwali, India’s festival of lights, due to their negative impact on the environment, animals, and asthmatics like her. But a wedding is a wedding, right?

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2.     Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

It would be remiss to talk about over-the-top celebrity weddings without including a good old-fashioned themed wedding, and Napster co-founder Sean Parker’s magical woodland wedding to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas is an elaborate example. The Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired fantasy wedding took place in Big Sur, California, in 2013, under majestic 500-year-old redwoods, which were decorated with thousands of twinkle lights, intricate wooden archways, and an aisle of white rose petals.

The groom, who took on the wedding as a personal project, hired set designers to build faux castle ruins, a 10ft. Celtic cross, arched bridges, and Roman columns. Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson designed medieval outfits for each of the 364 guests, which included Emma Watson and Sting. As if that weren’t whimsical enough, pens of rabbits, goats, and a pony were set up for any guests to pet.

The wedding, which is rumored to have cost $10 million, was torn apart online by critics who felt it was an ostentatious display of tech-wealth that was damaging to the ancient forest, claims which the bride and groom deny. The backlash even resulted in the couple being spat at in the street by strangers. Whatever the truth, these unique and personal nuptials will go down in celeb wedding history.

the most over-the-top celebrity weddings

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3.     Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

The Kardashians are famous for their outrageous lifestyles, and their weddings are no exception. While Kim’s 2014 wedding to Kanye West was incredibly lavish, her first wedding, where she married former NBA star Kris Humphries, was even more excessive.

This wedding was all about the wedding dress, or, rather, wedding dresses. Not only did the bride wear three different gowns during the celebration, but her bridesmaids also wore white mermaid wedding gowns as bridesmaid’s dresses, all designed by Vera Wang. The groom wasn’t left out, as he had his own costume change, switching his white Ermenegildo Zegna tux for a black one.

The wedding had a black and white color scheme, with all the guests wearing black and white looks, including Robin Thicke, who serenaded the couple with a mash-up of “Let’s Stay Together” and “Angel” as they took their first dance. Even the 6ft. tall wedding cake stuck to the theme. Kim reportedly received $1 million from E! to broadcast the wedding on live TV, but, despite the ostentatious celebrations, the couple split after just 72 days.

The Secret Weddings

Some celebrities forgo the excessive nuptials for secret ceremonies, but somehow, when these weddings are finally announced, they make more of a splash than even the most public of weddings. Some of these weddings include those of Beyonce and Jay-Z, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, whose nuptials may not have been broadcast on live TV but were certainly hotly debated in the press.

One such couple is Cardi B and Offset, who didn’t reveal they had gotten secretly married until nine months later. Instead of designer dresses and tuxes, the couple is said to have worn tracksuits during the ceremony, in a very un-celebrity-like move.

However, they found a way to bring a touch of celebrity ostentation with their choice of wedding rings; particularly, Offset’s dramatic iced-out piece. The wedding ring, which features an emerald cut stone set on Pavé diamonds that go all the way around, was given to him by his fiancée and cost $750,000.

Over-the-Top Inspiration

Looking at photos of over the top celebrity weddings is a great way to escape into the weird and wonderful world of the rich and famous, even if their choice of designer gowns, lavish decor, and larger-than-life cakes isn’t your personal style. However, you never know when you might just find some inspiration for your own nuptials, whether those are multiple wedding gowns, extravagant bridal party gifts, or one-of-a-kind custom men’s wedding rings.

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Engagement Rings And Their Nation Of Origin


Today we want to talk to you about engagement rings and their nation or origin.  Engagement rings date back thousands of years. First being noted back in the time of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, the symbolic ring culture before the wedding was passed to ancient Rome. The practice was also rich in ancient Greek history and soon moved to France and England. Now in the modern era, just about every single culture in the world has an engagement ring. Each nation has its own unique style and with it, passionate followers that proclaim it to be the most beautiful style. But let’s look at the different types and see if they would speak to you.

A very British tradition

Of course if we’re going to talk about Great Britain, we have to talk about the British Royal Family. The most epic engagement rings of this nation are always made out of sapphire. The main stone that Mrs Middleton Windsor wore, was a giant sapphire that was originally Lady Diana’s. It was in a leaf shape and is surrounded by other diamonds with a single elegant band. This is a regal style, with the color of royal injected into the design from the precious stone. The elegant band is more than enough for an ‘initial’ ring and allows the large stone to look even larger.

France’s diamonds

France is very much into the ethos of the more shiner, the better. Nothing is too lavish for a nature of such elegance, style and marvelous reputation. So only a diamond engagement ring will do. Nothing above 18 karats however, as this would rival a true wedding ring.

18 karat engagement rings are a good benchmark and allows for you to go as low as 10 karats. Check out these designs with the single, double bands and the halo design, very much loved by French ring designers. Just like the British, the French don’t want to upstage a real wedding ring that can have double bands, twists, knots and a more impressive design in general.

China’s green jade

Jade is a very rare stone that can only be found in various parts of the world. While precious stones are usually found in Africa, jade is almost an Asian specialist. Chinese culture is known for making the best jade rings, as the methods of cutting and smoothing the stone are second to none. The green is so visible and hotly admitted in Asian culture for it’s the mystical allure and good luck charm. If you want an exotic engagement ring that will turn heads for it’s impressive uniqueness, we recommend this rare stone style

Irish legendary emerald


You know where we’re going with this one; the amazing emerald gemstone! This type of engagement ring is very special for its rarity and it’s Western European history. For ages, the emerald stone was used by Kings to charm and swoon princesses. And guess what? It always worked. The great thing is, your emerald engagement ring can go with gold. Many engagement rings stick to silver, but gold looks better for this type of gemstone.

What kind of style do you like? Remember that it has to fit your personality and then your interest in that type of culture or nation. Engagement rings are more a matter of design than the gemstone, however.

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What Do We Really Remember About Weddings?


What do we really know about weddings?  Everyone wants to host a wedding that stands out and sticks in the minds of their guests. Sure, you have an album full of photos and memories of your big day, but when you ask the people who attended your wedding what they remember about the day, what do you think they’ll say? 

Weddings are always going to be joyous and memorable events, but there are three main things that stick out when both you and your guests recall your wedding day. If you’re in the midst of planning your big day currently, you might want to keep the points below in mind.  

Weddings are naturally memorable, but what’s going to really stick out?

The Wedding Dress

about weddings

Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels

The first thing people are always going to remember about your wedding day is what the bride was wearing – it’s a big debate in celebrity media, and images of the dress are posted everywhere for the whole world to see. And the same kind of principle is going to apply to your wedding. The dress is a big deal, and finding the perfect one to wear is going to be a bit of a battle. 

You’re going to need to do a bit of research here. Unless you have your mother’s old wedding dress in the attic, and you’d like to wash it and have it resized for your own event, it’s going to take time to find the piece you look and feel best in. You’ll also need to find people who can alter your dress. 

Most of all, you need to find your style, so you know what dresses are going to jump out to you when you see them, and which ones will look best when you go to try them on. Indeed, there’s a little quiz you can take right here to help with that! And once you’ve found your style, you’re going to need to block out a good month (if not, at least two weeks), in order to try on every single wedding dress in your style that is housed in every single wedding dress shop in your town! 

The Wedding Location

Of course, where you’re hosting your wedding is going to be a big part of the memories surrounding your big day. The backdrop of such an event needs to be a magical and romantic place, and a lot of people like to hire out fancy places to ensure the photos look great and the guests all feel like they’re part of a fairytale. And if not, they like to have an actual backdrop fitted to say their vows in front of, to make sure everything looks stunning when you have the photos printed later on! 

For example, a place like the D’Vine Grace Vineyard could be a very good shout for where your wedding is going to take place. After all, it’s a classical backdrop, with a lot of room for the event to be set up and the guests to take their seats. These are mainly the top three things people are looking for in a location to host their wedding, and stately homes, vineyards, and any place with a bit of white marble and tile flooring is always going to be popular. It’s what we think of when people say ‘wedding destination’! 

about weddings

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a big part of the ceremony, and quite rightly! It’s the centerpiece of your reception, and the accompanying buffet, and everyone in attendance needs to be able to take a slice. Typically, people spend a good while trying to find the right wedding cake for them, due to quite a few factors. 

They’re expensive, there are a lot of flavors out there to try, and you need to keep your guest count in mind at all times. With all these factors adding up, on average, a wedding cake costs a couple about $500. With that kind of price tag just for the cake alone, it better leave an impression! 

What to Remember Yourself

There are a lot of things we could remember about weddings, and every person you invited along is going to have something different to say about the whole affair. However, if you want to create some amazing focal points along the way, keep the above parts of the process in mind. They’re easy ways to impress, and if you want to both look and feel your best on your big day, there needs to be something special about them! 

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How to Propose to a Man You Love: Ideas, Considerations and What to Say


Today we want to share some great tips for how to propose to a man you love.  Is it time to take your relationship to the next level? Are you thinking about proposing to the man that you love?  Congratulations! This is an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but when it’s all said and done you’ll have a lifetime of marital happiness ahead of you.

Knowing how to propose to a man can be difficult. In western culture, we mostly only have examples of how to propose to a woman. Is it different if you’re proposing to a man?

Well, not really. Just like with women, all men are different. They’re all going to have different preferences but if you know your partner well enough (and you should if you’re thinking about getting married!) you should be able to find the right answer.

Keep reading for some wedding proposal suggestions and a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re planning the big day.

Planning Ahead

When you’re thinking about the proposal, there are a few things you’ll need to consider ahead of time. Despite how the movies make it seem, proposals aren’t often simple and spontaneous events. You never see the planning that goes into them.

If you want your proposal to come together smoothly, here are some things you want to get planned out.

Are You Buying a Ring?

How to Propose to a Man You Love

Pexels / Pixabay

When it comes to proposing to women most people wouldn’t dream of not having a ring.  When it comes to a marriage proposal for a man, though, it will depend on the man. Not all men will feel comfortable with jewelry, especially jewelry that’s elaborate or expensive.  If you are going to buy a ring you should consider your fiancé-to-be and what style he’s going to be into.

If he’s okay with the flash and sparkle of a traditional diamond ring this is going to be a pretty straightforward process. The only thing that may be difficult is the ring size depending on how wide your partner’s fingers are.

Diamonds are a bit controversial, so see if you can buy a ring secondhand from an antique store (these can be beautiful and totally unique as well as ethical). You can also look into new ethical diamond rings that are sourced through responsible means. Learn more about ethical diamonds to see if they’re for you.

Not Into Diamonds?

There are other options outside of diamonds for your partner’s ring. There are plenty of other jewels available and your partner might prefer something colorful, maybe in his birthstone.

If jewels are out of the picture completely, consider something more subtle. Wooden rings are incredibly popular amongst men. They’re smooth and slightly more “masculine”, which some men may prefer. If you’re feeling very committed, consider a subtle tattooed band (though make sure that this is what you really want).

While it might be tempting to opt for a simple gold band, remember that your wedding bands will likely be the same and you want something different for the engagement.

What’s the Best Location?

How to Propose to a Man You Love

elysse81 / Pixabay

If you’re opting for a proposal out in public, where is it going to be?  Are you going to wait until you’ve gone on a vacation so you can do it in a prime travel destination or theme park? Are you going to take him to his favorite restaurant?

Maybe you’ll visit the area where you met or had your first date.  Wherever it is it’s going to be special, but put some thought into it. You (hopefully) only get to do this once.

Are You Making It a Surprise?

In popular media, we always see proposals as this big surprise event where the person receiving the proposal has no idea what’s coming.  In reality, it’s common for partners to discuss engagement ahead of time to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This can also help solve the ring problem as your partner can either choose his own ring or give you some ideas of what he’s going to like.

A surprise proposal is fun and exciting and the feelings that you’re both going to get out of it might be worthwhile to you. There’s a thrill that you won’t quite get from a proposal that you’ve already agreed on.

That said, if you discuss it ahead of time you can know that you’ll get a “yes” rather than being left to wonder. There’s nothing worse than a rejected proposal.

What Are You Going to Say?

There’s nothing wrong with just getting down on one knee and saying the good old fashioned “Will you marry me?”, but is that all you want to do?  Many people use the proposal as a practice for their vows (even if they don’t know that that’s what’s happening). Are you going to explain why you’re proposing by listing some positive attributes and loving phrases?

Sometimes this is a bit too much and nervousness can garble the whole thing. Making it short, sweet, and to the point is good for anyone who’s feeling the nerves. If you were being proposed to, what would you want to hear? This is a good place to start.

It’s likely that your partner will catch on by the time you’re at this point and you can gauge the situation when you get there. If you know that you only have a few words to spit out before you’re too nervous to continue, keep it brief. Just also keep in mind what you would say if given the time.

How to Propose to a Man: Some Considerations

LandscapeHow to Propose to a Man You Love

neelam279 / Pixabay

The proposal itself is a big deal but you can’t just go based on what you see on television. You need to consider what your partner is actually going to want.  This is for him, not some imaginary television character, or for attention on social media.  Let’s talk about what he might want.

Public or Private?

We already mentioned choosing a location, but you should know if your partner would be comfortable in public or if a private proposal is more appropriate.

Private doesn’t have to mean at home or even indoors but it can. If your partner is the type that would prefer a cozy night in with takeout and a movie, this might be as good a time as any to propose. Let’s face it, there are some benefits to already being at home when you pop the question.

You can also do this in a secluded area in “public”. Go on a nice hike and propose where you have the best view. This is also great if you decide to have a photographer.

How Does He Feel About Grand Gestures?

You’ve seen those grand proposals in front of a huge crowd of people (sometimes family and friends, sometimes strangers) but is that right for your partner?

For some people, this is perfect. If your partner loves to be the center of attention then a grand gesture might just be the right thing to do. If this is the case, you’re going to need to do significantly more planning but it’s going to be worth it.

Gather friends and family, pick the perfect location, and really go all out. These proposals are a lot of fun.

If he’s not the kind of person who likes the spotlight on him, though, consider doing something more subtle. Remember, this is for him and you don’t want to put him on the spot.

Grand proposals like this can also go south quickly. If you didn’t plan the engagement together, there’s still a small chance that he can say no. This is better without all of the bells and whistles.

Do You Want a Photographer?

Photographer Hands Love Couple  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

A proposal isn’t about the pictures, but if you have something awesome planned it might be worthwhile to capture this special moment. There’s nothing quite like preserving the look on your partner’s face when you pop the question.

You can do this with a set up camera and a remote if you want to do it alone, or you can entrust a friend or family member with the job. The best photos, however, will come from a professional photographer who knows exactly when to get the perfect shot.

This will be costly, but you’ll have that photo forever (and let’s face it, your friends on social media will gush over it as well).

Good Luck and Congratulations!

This is hopefully one of the most exciting moments of your life and you’re almost there if you’re considering how to propose to a man.

Whether you go big and make the proposal an event or you’d rather keep it small and tight, this is going to be memorable. Don’t forget the ring (if you’re using one, that is), quell your nerves, and get ready to spend the rest of your lives together.

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Have A Beautiful Honeymoon On A Budget


If you are looking to get married soon we want to share with you how to have a beautiful honeymoon on a budget. Our honeymoon is one of the most amazing experiences we will have in life, and after a stressful lead up to the wedding it is the ideal way to begin married life with the person we love. Today we want to take a look at celebrating a honeymoon on a budget, as after spending a ton on the wedding, it can leave us with little to spend on our holiday.

Honeymoon On A Budget

fietzfotos / Pixabay

Here are our top tips for helping you plan the ideal honeymoon on a budget.

  1. What are you excited about?

Before you look to book a fancy hotel for your honeymoon, consider what your priorities are for the trip. You might be able to save some pennies by choosing a different type of accommodation or by not flying to your honeymoon. Think about what your biggest priorities are such as the hotel itself, the beaches, the cities or the natural landscape. A lot of the time you can find a place that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

  1. Use a Travel Agent

One of the best things you can do when booking a honeymoon without overspending is to go through an agent. Although you can often find good deals yourself, it is usually much more cost effective to book through a travel agent as you can get a package that involves flights, transport, and accommodation all in one. You’ll spend less and you’ll have much less stress when heading out to your destination!

  1. Consider Terrestrial

If you are on a super tight budget and you don’t have enough to spend on flights, consider staying on home turf and going for a road trip. A road trip can actually be the best kind of holiday because you have the freedom of going anywhere and staying anywhere throughout the week. Sometimes the best honeymoon destinations can be at home! You can find hidden gems in your country that you’ve never seen before and enjoy quiet pub dinners and sunset walks.

  1. honeymoon on a budget

    AsadPhotography / Pixabay

    Go During the Off-season

If you have your heart set on a location such as Santorini, perhaps the best thing to do is choose a date during the off-season. Off-season everything will be much more affordable and you’ll also be able to enjoy a much less crowded destination. Most warm places will still have lovely weather during this time and it will be a great way to spend your honeymoon with the person you love.

  1. Choose Underrated Locations

We all know about the big contenders for a honeymoon such as France, Italy, Mexico, and Spain… but what about other destinations? If you are struggling in terms of money but still want to experience the most wonderful honeymoon, there are many countries that are much cheaper but offer a great experience. Countries such as Croatia and Montenegro offer some amazing beaches, landscapes and cities to explore and cost a lot less than their more popular cousins.

  1. Drive
Emotions Travel Marry Honeymoon

Gellinger / Pixabay

If you live in the UK and you are looking to spend your honeymoon in Europe, you can save a lot of money by driving instead of going by plane. Countries such as France and Germany are very easy to get to and you can make your road trip into part of the honeymoon by visiting a few different places along the way.

  1. Book early

Before you have even planned your full wedding, you want to book the honeymoon and make sure it is ready. The earlier you book a holiday the cheaper it will be, because often companies will put prices up as the time grows near. By booking well in-advance you will not only get a better deal but you will be able to have some peace of mind on the day.

  1. Use a smaller airport

Did you know that often the big airports cost more than smaller or independent ones? If you are looking to get a bargain on your flights it is worth shopping around to see if any other airports will offer you the same flight for a cheaper price. As well as this, you might find going with a smaller airline company is a better option for you. Compare prices and don’t simply accept the first deal you come across.

  1. Take a boat

Boats and ferries can be an easy way to get to many destinations around the world and they can be an effective way to save money. Although traveling by boat is often more time consuming than a plane, it can be an enjoyable experience for a day or two and will add a new dimension to your honeymoon experience.

Ferry In the river

IngoMoringo / Pixabay

  1. Cash in Frequent Flier Miles

If you have any frequent flier miles to your name, now is the best time to use them. Check your loyalty schemes and make sure you have plenty of time to cash in your miles before the time limit and ensure that you check your credit card loyalty schemes to see if you can claim any money off hotels and other services while you are away.

  1. House sit

One great way to save money on your honeymoon is to volunteer to house sit for someone who lives in your target destination. There are lots of house sitting and dog sitting services out there that will allow you to spend the week in a lovely house and enjoy your honeymoon without having to spend a whole lot of money on an expensive hotel.

  1. All-inclusive

As we mentioned earlier with the travel agent, one way to save money on a trip is to try and get yourself a package deal that covers many of the different parts of the stay. You can also take this a step further and grab yourself an all-inclusive holiday that will allow you to enjoy food and drink included in your holiday and it ensures that you have unlimited everything on your stay.

  1. Stay in a B and B

As well as hotels, another idea for a honeymoon on a budget is consider a B and B. These are often much cheaper than a hotel and the atmosphere can be a lot more cozy. Because Bed and Breakfasts usually only have a few rooms, you’ll be pretty much alone for the time you stay there and the place will feel more homely.

  1. Cook

We know that one of the greatest joys of being on holiday is not needing to cook, but eating out every single night of the stay can cost a lot of money. If you are looking to reduce your costs while away think about cooking some of the nights you are away. You can use this as a chance to be romantic and set up a cozy night in for you and your new partner, and often this can be much more romantic than going out to a restaurant and then having to worry about getting back to the home.

  1. Call direct

If you are looking to enjoy a honeymoon on a budget then book a cottage or a villa for your honeymoon directly for exclusive deals or promotions. You may initially see the listing on a site such as Holiday Lettings, but to save money you should try calling the owners directly. When an owner puts their accommodation up on a site such as Holiday Lettings they will charge more to cover the cost of advertising. This means you could end up over paying.

  1. Book last minute

Contrary to the point we made earlier, you can also stand to save a lot of money if you are brave enough to book last minute. Last minute holidays with a few days’ notice are much cheaper than normal because hotels and other companies want to fill as many spaces as possible. This means big discounts and you may stand to get a holiday for nearly half the price.

  1. Book the Cheapest Room

Let’s face it, the room is not the most important part of your honeymoon and often you’ll be out by the pool or exploring during your time away anyway. By booking the cheapest room in a nice hotel, you will save some money but also still benefit from the facilities in the hotel. It’s a win win!


Honestly, one of the best ways for you to get special treatments and free stuff while you are on holiday is to tell everyone who you meet that it is your honeymoon. Honeymooners will often be able to get discounts or complementary gifts from airports and hotels so you could stand to earn a lot from saying that it is your special time!

Booking the perfect honeymoon can be a stressful process but it is also one of the best things you will do in the run up to your wedding. If you are looking to save some money on your honeymoon or you know you won’t be able to afford much of one yet, consider these tips. You could also enjoy your honeymoon on a budget for the weekend and save for a real honeymoon later on! 

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3 Best Wedding Dresses for a Bride


Have you ever wondered what the 3 best wedding dresses for a bride are?  You might be surprised.  According to a study by Brides magazine, brides today are less likely to choose a traditional white or off-white dress, but over three-quarters of the hundreds of engaged and recently wed brides who were surveyed said they opted to wear a veil.   They may have been influenced by the many celebrity brides who’ve done the same in recent years, like “This Is Us” star Mandy Moore who chose a tiered pink gown by Rodarte and pop singer Jessica Simpson who donned gold when she wed former NFL player Eric Johnson in 2014.

best wedding dresses for a bride

dell-fin / Pixabay

If you’re searching through the many different options for bridal gowns today, it can feel almost overwhelming, whether you’re dreaming of a white, off-white or trendy dress in a non-traditional color. Some of the top considerations when narrowing those choices not only comes down to taste, but the wedding venue, from a casual outdoor beach gathering to a large, fancy church ceremony, as well as your body type to ensure the most flattering look. 

These three wedding dresses are some of the best to consider for your ceremony, big or small.

Romantic Ball Gown

If it’s a fairytale type of wedding you’re looking for, a romantic ball gown can be ideal for several different body types. The most distinguishing trait of this dress is a very full skirt. Its silhouette has a fitted bodice and is cinched in at the waist. Pear-shaped brides will look great in this as it helps to define the waist while the skirt skims the hips, and those who are busty will appreciate how it tends to provide more balance. For those with a narrow frame, the gown’s fullness will add curves for a beautiful hourglass look. If you’re petite, however, as the dress is so voluminous it can make if you feel as if you’re “swallowed up” in it.

best wedding dresses for a bride

mirceaianc / Pixabay

Romantic ball gowns tend to have elaborate details that add even more “wow” for a true princess look. They’re typically covered with embellishments like floral appliques and have feminine necklines, like a sweetheart neckline. They aren’t always white either, a light blush color creates a stunning look for the bride who doesn’t want to be too traditional.

A Bohemian Sheath Dress

If you’re slender and/or petite, the sheath silhouette will be quite flattering. It adds length for shorter brides while being more form-fitting, following the natural line of the body without flaring out. It tends to hug the body in all the right places, but in a chic, sophisticated way. If you’re extra curvy or pear-shaped, it’s generally not the best choice as it can create an unbalanced look. It can be personalized to add the illusion of curves without bulk by opting for a belted sash that creates a waist while emphasizing curves.

The bohemian sheath style brings a more laid-back vibe that’s perfect for that backyard ceremony or wedding on the sand. It’s easy to move around in, comes in lightweight fabrics and has a slightly more relaxed silhouette that creates an enchanting, ethereal feel.

The Classic A-Line Dress

If you’re looking for a timeless, traditional dress that works well for all body types, the classic A-line is ideal. This cut is narrow at the top, extending out along the body, with the shape in the outline of an A. It’s incredibly flattering and allows for lots of movement, even on the dance floor. You can incorporate your own personality in it too by adding some custom details like appliques or lace sleeves. An A-line lace wedding dress is sure to never go out of style.

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How Should I Propose? A Guide to Popping the big Question


You want to pop the big question so you’re probably asking yourself how should I propose.  Marriage proposals happen at sporting events, in fancy restaurants and even during drunken nights in Las Vegas.

Marriage proposals are about as common as fresh fruit at a breakfast buffet.  There are as many ways to propose as there are fish in the sea.  So, what is the right way to propose?  We’ve got the answers for you right here! If you’ve ever wondered, “how should I propose?”, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn our best tips.

how should I propose

tuinui132 / Pixabay

Remember, This Day Isn’t About You

This is a mistake that many men make. They plan the perfect proposal according to what they believe is perfect. But always remember this: the wedding proposal is not about you.  If you love this person (and we hope you do), then you should know a thing or two about her. Propose to her the way she would like to be proposed to. If she’s not into sports, don’t do it at a sporting event… you get the idea.

This goes for picking out the ring too. If she’s into rose gold diamond engagement rings, get her one! Buy the ring she’ll love and ask her in a place she won’t forget and you should be good to go.

Don’t Joke… Seriously, Don’t

Yes, you might be the funniest person to walk the planet since Chris Rock. But if there ever was a time to take life seriously, it’s during your marriage proposal.

YouTube is full of goofy guys pulling goofy pranks to make their marriage proposals more memorable, and frankly, more YouTube-worthy. Don’t be that guy. Take this event seriously and she’ll see that you’re also going to take marriage seriously, which is what she wants more than all the diamonds in the world.

how should I propose

Dessie_Designs / Pixabay

When In Doubt, Traditional Is the Way to Go

People who propose marriage on the jumbo screen at an NFL game or while skydiving really give off the impression that they’re trying too hard. Nobody’s going to say “no” when there are 50,000 Pittsburgh Steelers fans staring at them on a big screen. Sometimes, it’s better to stick to tradition.

The old, “down on one knee” is what we’re talking about. Take her out to her favorite restaurant and ask for a booth in the back where you can have some privacy. Or ask her while you’re cuddling in bed, enjoying each other’s company.  Keep it low-key and private and you’ll hit the nail on the head 99% of the time. And don’t hide the ring in food. That’s so ten years ago.


Never Ask a Question You Don’t Already Know the Answer To

It’s sad to say, but sometimes a guy just doesn’t have a clue about the woman in his life. And if that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t be proposing marriage to her.

You two should already be on the same page before you pop the question. By this, we mean, you’ve discussed this with her already and you know she shares your life goals. And you’ve been dating for longer than a few weeks.
It’s actually really rude to ask someone to marry you when you have no idea if she’ll accept. Nobody wants to say “no” to a marriage proposal… ever.

How Should I Propose? Let Me Count the Ways…

Still wondering, “how should I propose?” The truth is, there are a million ways to propose and the “perfect” way just depends on her. Talk to her about the future, ask her family members what she might like, and make the day as special for her as you can.

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How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring


Your ready to pop the big question but you don’t know how to choose the right engagement ring.  Ah yes.  This happens more than you think.  Whether you’re choosing solo, together, or you’re just window shopping for the future, choosing an engagement ring that you love to wear every day can be a minefield.  There’s a lot of pressure on this one purchase. Not only is it a symbol of everlasting love and devotion, but it might be the ring that makes the announcement of your engagement to far-flung friends via a social media post. It’s the thing everyone will want to look at first, and what to do if it’s too small? Below, you’ll find some helpful tips on how to make this important purchase.

how to choose the right engagement ring

Set Your Budget

Before you’ve even stepped foot into a shop, decide how much you’re willing to spend. Don’t be fooled by so-called traditions of spending however many months’ salary on a ring. Ultimately, it’s the thought and care that goes into choosing the ring rather than the amount it cost. Also, do you want to be walking about with a ring you’re afraid of losing on your finger? Far better that it’s something you both like and have spent an amount you’re comfortable on, so know your budget before you get started.  

Get the Sizing Right

how to choose the right engagement ring

TerriC / Pixabay

If you are the one proposing and you’re planning on a surprise engagement, do everything you can to avoid the cost and potential embarrassment of getting the ring size wrong. Imagine the disappointment if, at the critical moment, the ring just won’t slide onto the finger or worse, gets stuck? You might think it’s safer to go too big rather than too small, but then you run the risk of it coming off and getting lost in the first few hours of your engagement.

If it is the wrong size, all is not lost. Rings can be resized with very little effort. But, to avoid falling into this particular pitfall, there’s a few things you can do. If you’re buying a ring for a woman, try sneaking a ring she doesn’t wear very often out of her jewelry box. Preferably one that goes on the same finger as her engagement ring will. If you aren’t sure, ask one of her friends. This is another potential option if you can’t find a ring of hers. Does she have a friend or a sister who can be trusted not to spill the beans and raise the subject of ring sizes in a subtle way?

If you’re buying an engagement ring for him, the same rules still apply although there’s a possibility it might be trickier to instigate a chat about ring sizes if he’s not a jewelery-wearer. You might have to get creative and borrow a male friend who is of a similar height and build to get his finger measured.

Know the Style

When you really want to know how to choose the right engagement ring, think about who the person you’re proposing to is.  A big personality who will immediately want to show off the ring? Or more understated? Look into any current jewelry they have so you can make an informed decision and make note of any style or colors that keep popping up. Having said that, an engagement ring might be completely different. Trust your gut and follow your instincts – if you keep returning to an engagement ring, then it might just be that it’s the one. 

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The Hottest Wedding Gifts for Your Groom


Tying the knot soon? Here are the hottest wedding gifts for your groom.  There is so much that goes into planning a wedding! From deciding the date and venue to the decor, flowers, food, cake, wedding dress…the list goes on! Well, we’re going to add another thing for you to add to your wedding ‘to-do list’ that you might not have thought about…getting a wedding gift for your groom.

hottest wedding gifts for your groom

BF-Foto / Pixabay

Yep, your wedding day is not only about you – sorry! Your fiance spoilt you with a beautiful engagement ring (one like these manmade diamonds engagement rings!), so now it’s time for you to spoil him!

And we’re not talking about his wedding band – you need his input for that (by the way, check out these amazing diamond wedding bands). We’re talking about something special to surprise him with on your special day. Here are a few ideas:

hottest wedding gifts for your groom

pasja1000 / Pixabay


Get your groom a pair of custom-made cufflinks to match his wedding outfit. Consider getting a pair made with Ada Diamonds embedded or perhaps with a personalized engraving.

Wedding day cologne

Gift your groom with a luxurious scent for him to wear on the day. That way he can use the scent for years to come and be taken back to your wedding day. Make sure that you get a scent that he hasn’t worn before but that you know he will love.

Luxury leather goods

Nothing says class like a good quality leather accessory. Whether it’s a belt, a pair of shoes, a leather watch strap, card case or wallet. You could also gift him with a good quality leather bag, like a duffel bag or toiletry bag, for him to use on your honeymoon.

Heart Wood hottest wedding gifts for your groom

silviarita / Pixabay

A timeless watch

Is your fiance a watch collector? If yes, then a timeless watch to add to his collection is the perfect gift. Even if he’s not a watch collector, a man can never have enough timeless watches. It’s a luxurious and thoughtful gift and a fantastic token to mark your special day.

His favorite drink

Splash out and buy him a bottle of his favorite drink to pop open with his groomsmen while they’re getting ready on your wedding day. Perhaps a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage or a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label?

A personalized hip flask

While a hip flask is a rather traditional groom’s gift – go the extra mile and get a personalized one. You can get it engraved with your groom’s name and a personal message. Add a bottle of his favorite drink to the gift – he’ll love it!

Grooming products

If your guy is into self-care then make him a gift box filled with his favorite grooming products. From face masks to shaving balms, face oils, beard wax and hair products.

hottest wedding gifts for your groom

jankosmowski / Pixabay

Pocket knife

Every guy could use one of these. With so many different functions, you will never have to look for a bottle opener, a pair of scissors, corkscrew or any of the other 10 tools that come with the knife again.

An adventure voucher

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean the fun is over. Let your man know that there will still be plenty of adventures to come. Get him a gift voucher for his favorite adventure activity – paintball, white-water rafting, scuba-diving or whatever aligns with his interests and hobbies.

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The True Modern Symbolism Of Weddings and How To Make Sure Yours Stands Out


We all know the true modern symbolism of weddings.  White dresses and gold rings are wedding items that we are very familiar with.  However, as society changes, the older elements of symbolism in a wedding have become less critical. Instead, the wedding itself has become a symbol of the joining of two people. Therefore the way this sets the tone for their new life together has come to the fore. A situation that means nearly every detail of the wedding has importance in its own way. Of course, this is part of the reason why so many couples want to make sure their wedding reflects their personality and likes. It is also why they take such pains to ensure it will stand out in comparison to the others they will attend during their lifetime.  Happily, this is a topic that you can get some thoroughly modern advice on, in the post below. 


The thing about weddings is they aren’t free. Many people spend tens of thousands to create the perfect wedding! You must have a big enough budget to cover all your costs otherwise your wedding might be memorable for the wrong reasons.

Did you know that up to 60% of couples take out a loan to finance their wedding? Of course, it’s also possible to save the money you need for your budget if it’s possible to do so.

Decoration and theme 

One of the best ways of making sure that your wedding will both reflect your personality as a couple and will differ from everyone else’s is to choose a theme. In fact, picking a theme for your entire celebration can be one of the smartest things to do. The reason being that it provides guidance on what to choose in all the other areas of the wedding. 

After all, you can have a very modern high fashion dress at an otherwise vintage style wedding, if you want. However, it’s likely to look a bit out of place. Therefore, making one that fits in with the overall theme a much better choice. 

Of course, another distinct advantage to having a theme at your wedding is that you can use this to inspire all of the decorations you will use. In fact, it is often the smaller details like the decorations that can best set apart your special day from the crowd. Something that means selecting them, and in some cases, making them is an essential aspect of planning your nuptials. 


A white dress used to be the modern symbolism of weddings, but this is certainly no longer the case. In fact, all colors are now en-vogue. With choices ranging from ivory to wisteria blue and pale pink, to even black or red. If that is what the bride desires?

Of course, there are a few things to remember when choosing your perfect dress. One is that it’s not just about standing out and being different from everyone else, but it’s also about finding something that you love the style and fit of as well. In fact, the way that your dress makes you feel is as vital as any other factor. 

That is not to say that you have to wear a dress if you don’t want to. In fact, there are a range of other options to choose from, including skirt and crop tops and even catsuits! These being excellent choices for the bride that really wants to stand out from the crowd. 

While it is traditional to give more focus to what the bride is wearing than the groom, the guys definitely shouldn’t neglect the importance of what they wear on the day either. After all, a modern wedding should be as meaningful to the groom, as it is to the bride. With that in mind, it’s pretty crucial that the groom has some control of what he gets to wear, and that he also picks something that he is comfortable with in terms of style and fit. 

Selective focus photography of silver colored engagement ring set with pink bow accent on throw pillow

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

In fact, because of these very justifications, many grooms use the opportunity of their wedding to have a suit custom made for them. Something that means they can choose the fabric, patterns, and fit, so it is personal to their own taste. Oh, and that will also make sure that it is different from anything worn at a typical wedding ceremony as well.  


Another traditional symbol of marriage that you will want to get right for your day are the wedding rings. Of course, you can give these the thoroughly modern treatment, too, meaning that you certainly do not have to go for simple gold bands if you don’t want. 

In fact, there is a vast range of wedding rings that you can exchange on your special day now. Some of which can help to make your day stand out from the norm. One such option may be platinum rings with diamonds around the band. Something you can then have engraved with a message of love and fidelity on the inside. 

Alternatively, why not go for something even more individual, or even kookie? I’m talking about the OOAK rings here that you can get from craft sites such as Etsy. A place where you can find rings made from hand-beaten gold to ones crafted from resin that appear to have entire magical landscapes captured within. 


Just like your theme and decor, the venue that you choose can really help to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. In fact, if you are looking for something a little different from the norm, avoid hotel weddings and receptions at all costs. Estates and Manor houses should be out to, and instead, start to think outside of the box

What I mean here is hire a yurt and throw a festival style wedding on a farm, perfect for a couple that loves to camp or go to gigs. You can even have fire pits to keep guests warm and customize your day further by providing Wellington boots and hay bales for them to sit on!

Alternatively, consider where you met or your favorite location to visit as a couple for your venue. In fact, you may be incredibly surprised by the range of less-pedestrian venues that are out there. Planetariums, botanical greenhouses, and barges, to name but a few. 


You may not plan on giving a lot of thought to the stationery you will use for your wedding. In fact, traditionally, it’s been about expensive paper, envelopes, and hand calligraphy. However, what it is important to remember is that the save the date and invites that you send are the first element of your special day that your guests will be exposed to. Something that means they are an essential part of setting the overall tone and the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

With that in mind, try and think a little creatively about the stationery you will use. That is instead of choosing ornately printed cards to let your guest know when the wedding will be, why not go for save the date magnets instead? Something that is not only fun but practical, too, as it can be fixed to a refrigerator or notice board as a reminder. 

You can also use your own photos, perhaps from your engagement shoot, to make it extra personal and unique. You can even choose the fonts, so they match with the other stationery you will use later on if you like. Now you can’t get much more customized than that! 

Additionally, while no one likes to postpone or change wedding dates, it does happen. Consider these elegant wedding date change cards.  In the event you need to change the date of your wedding, these cards will make the process less stressful.


Food is a great way to inject some fun, originality, and personality into your wedding proceedings. With that in mind, be sure that you pick a dish that you both love for your wedding breakfast.Some couples do this by picking food in line with their theme. A great example of this being the afternoon tea for a vintage style wedding. Although, you can also add in some elements personalized to the culture in which you grew up or now live. With dishes like English fish and chips or pie and mash, or traditional Indian finger foods for the cocktail hour.


Just like your edible choices can help your wedding to stand out, so can what you offer your guests to drink. In fact, a thoroughly modern trend at the moment is to have a signature cocktail mixed for your wedding. This being something that will wow your guests. While later, you can mix again after the event to remember the proceedings too. 

Of course, not everyone will want to knock back an alcoholic cocktail, so be sure to include other drinks as well. Happily, you can personalize these to make sure they stand out from the crowd. With things like virgin cocktails for drivers, pregnant ladies and kids, and even your own wedding brew of cider or ale for the grownups. 


Above all other options, the entertainment you provide can make your wedding stand out the most. In fact, wedding entertainment is a fantastic way of introducing some memorable drama to your big day in the best way. Of course, that means the more traditional things like discos and DJs are out. Instead, why not go a little wild with some fun and unexpected entertainment instead? 

One way of doing this, in particular, is to hire singing waitstaff, that then surprise your guests and even your other half with an impromptu serenade. Alternatively, why not go for something even more outside of the box and employ medieval musicians and performers to entertain you guests? Something that will also help contribute to the overall ambiance of the day. Oh, and without a doubt, will make your wedding stand out from the traditional generic (and often boring) offerings. 

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Trending: Customized Weddings


More and more today the bride and groom are thinking of unique and customized weddings.  This is because no two weddings are the same, as there are always elements unique to the couple and their relationship. However, there are many ways where your wedding can seem copied from another wedding you attended. The trick to making every wedding feel special would be to make it feel personalized. With customizing details wedding planning that touch on who each of you are as individuals, it will be so much fun because the personality of the couple will shine throughout the decision-making process.

Customized Weddings

maya_7966 / Pixabay

If you’re planning a wedding, first of all, congratulations! We know that your big day will be the day you forever remember as a celebration of your love for each other. You can seize the opportunity to give your guests a reflection of who you are as a couple by infusing your personality into the ceremony. You can take them on a journey of how it all started, how it blossomed, and how it eventually leads to that very day.

Many will think that personalization is merely choosing a color palette for the entire ceremony, but since you’re already pouring out a lot of time and effort into planning, why not take it a step further? From personalizing wedding hashtags to customizing drinks, personalizing wedding is becoming more and more popular. To differentiate from the other’s, you need to come up with new and exciting ways. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, we have consulted industry experts, such as Cathy’s Concepts, to help you get your big day one-of-a-kind.

Customized Weddings

Pexels / Pixabay


A venue for your ceremony is one of the first and most significant steps you can take to personalize your wedding. It can be in the park where you first met, or the restaurant where you had your first date, or even the beach where you had the proposal. Choose a venue that will allow you to share your love story with everyone. It will bring back nice memories every time you visit the place, as well as if you’re going through your old wedding photos. 

Paper Goods

You can also show your personality through paper goods that will be used throughout your wedding. Things like invitations, cards, ceremony programs, and essentially all stationery are opportunities to show your aesthetic taste. It can be subtle — your initials monogrammed on the corner, for example. It can also be as bold as a passport themed wedding invitation because you both love traveling and programs having a timeline of your love story.

Customized Weddings

dh_creative / Pixabay


Even if its lunch hour, brunch at the wedding, or late-night cocktails, the bride and groom should choose food that they, as a couple, enjoy eating. It can be from their favorite sit-down restaurant or the casual dinners they have at home, or it can be fine dining they enjoy together on their favorite dates. Yes, you can speak to your caterer to make you Masterchef-worthy versions of your favorite dishes for your big day.


There is no question that your ceremony will be a fun event for everyone present, but by providing your guests with one-of-a-kind custom wedding favors, you’re bringing it to a whole new level. With individualized presents you get the best of both worlds, thanking them for coming with keepsakes they will love.

It’s a fact that weddings are expensive, but it shouldn’t hinder you from personalizing your big day. There are myriad ways you can plan your wedding on a budget, but still, get the unique feel you would want. When planning your wedding, the only limit is your imagination. You can do it simple and subtle or plan it to be gregarious and bold. Either way, just keep in mind that this wedding is all about you and your significant other and that when you personalize your wedding, you’re sharing your favorite things with your favorite people.          

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